Chapter 23: Stranger Danger

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Will's POV

Where could Rachel be?! I want my baby girl back. I shoudn't have called her a slut. What would Shelby think of me? I failed her...... Don't worry my love, I will find our baby girl, and tell her it would be okay, I don't care who knocked her up, but I will have some serious talk of who's the father of my upcoming grandkid.

Will changed his pajama into his vest and went to his driveway. He arrived in his destination and knocked on the door. Rachel's probably here, if not where could she be?.

"Hey, Santana" William greeted. Santana's eyes widened.

"Hi Mr.Schue, what are you doing her?" Santana asked panicking.

"Is Rachel here?" He asked.

"No, why?" She asked innocently.

"Because..Im messed up soo bad! And I don't know how to fixed it" He said rubbing his face with his hand frustrated. "Do you know where she is?" He asked. Santana shook her head no. Mr. Schue nodded his head in understandment and then left.

"You are so in trouble Rachel" Santana muttered shaking her head.


William was walking in sidewalk, looking down while thinking. Where could Rachel be?.He asked himself again. He was still walking when someone stopped him by a whistle.

"Hey, hey im talking to you" A guy shouted behind him. Mr. Schue stopped and turned around.

"You're looking for your daughter Rachel right?" He smirked. Mr.Schue nodded slowly.

"His with Hudson" A guy said. 

"Like Finn Hudson?" Mr. Schue asked confused. The guy nodded and left, leaving a shocked William.

He run to his car, and quickly drove to Finn's Apartment. He press the door bell.


Rachel was cooking breakfast. When she felt arms snaked around her waist, and a warm kisses on her neck.

"Finn don't distract me like the last time" Rachel said shaking from his arms.

"You look so sexy in that apron" Finn kept kissing her neck. She moaned quietly, closing her eyes. She turned around and crash her lips to his. They deep end the kiss. Finn grab her ass, then lift her to the counter. She wrapped her legs around his waist while sitting on the counter and kissing him. Finn removed her shirt. Rachel was about to remove her apron. "Keep it on" He muttered from the kiss. He removed all his clothing quickly, then Rachel removed hers. Now they are completely naked on the kitchen.

"Can I try something?" Finn asked pulling away from the kiss. Rachel looked at him confused but then nodded. "Lay down" He demanded. She layed down to the counter. Finn lift her hips. "You ready?" He asked, she nodded. He started to kiss her thighs, moving close to her womanhood. After minutes of moaning, he buried his face and mouth to her womanhood, licking her clit. He buried his two fingers inside her, thrusting in and out. 

After the masturbation, Finn Jr. wants Rachel (A/N: Lol,,I really like writing Finn Jr.) . So he quickly went inside her.

"Faster" Rachel moaned. He did what she asked. "Harder" He went faster and harder every time. Suddenly Rachel felt warm sticky liquid inside her. She moaned loudly while Finn groaned.

When both of them were done they quickly dressed.

"Oh great, the pancakes are burned" She said glaring at him. He chuckled.

"Your the one who can't resist me" He smirked, wrapping his arms around her waist. 

Suddenly they heard the door bell rang.

"Did you expect a visitor?" She asked looking at him confused. He shook his head no. 

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