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Day Six

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Day six: A Beatles song that always cheers you up.

There are so many that cheer me up, but I obviously can't give you all of them, so I just give you five.

1. "A Day in the Life." I love this song so much! It makes me smile!
2. "Savoy Truffle." I LOVE this song!!!
3. "I'm So Tired." This might seem weird, but this song makes me happy. I like the lyrics.
4. "Polythene Pam." I like the guitar on this song and John's thick Liverpudlian accent :)
5. "I'm Only Sleeping." I love the bass and backward guitar!!!!!!!

I was tagged again with this awesome friend tag by Meowstacheo and FaB4lOvEr so of course I'm tagging you guys back!

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