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(A/N *oh hey I'm back* also, even though I seemingly abandoned this book, I'm coming back. Also also, I'm not writing them GETTING to Italy, just know they did)

I stood between Mark and Google, staring in. I could feel all the lost power from being away from her for so long come flooding back. Wilford looked like a deer in headlights, frozen beside (Y/N), who was half sitting in a chair, shock and.... something else apparent on her face.

"Wilford,-" Mark started, then was interrupted by him.
"No. I'm not giving her up! If you try-" his hand reached for his pocket, "-you just might have a problem."

Moving fast, faster than I've ever been, I ran, knowing what he was gonna do. "GET AWAY (Y/N)!" I yelled as I tackled into Wilford, grabbing for the gun. Wilford pulled his fist as far as he could, and socked me right in the face. Blood spewed from my nose, but I didn't care, although I pulled him forward, letting his face meet my fist. He somehow got away, holding one hand on his face. With a growl, I launched at him again, trying a different approach. Using my leg, I swiped behind his leg, making him fall to his knees. Before he could react, I brought my knee up, hitting him right underneath the chin, essentially knocking him out. I took a couple steps away, satisfied, then turned towards (Y/N). She stared at me, wide-eyed, then walked over.
"Doesn't that hurt?" She asked, eyebrows raised. I finally was aware of a dull pain coming from my nose, and sniffed. "No."
"That's a lie, stalker."
"Oh, so I'm stalker now?"
"Yes, I had looked on my phone camera, and it caught you in VIDEO!"
I rolled my eyes. Standing there, I wanted to kiss her.

No true reason.

Just wanted to.

I felt myself leaning towards her, and noticed she was leaning towards me.
In this state, I didn't hear Mark nor Google trying to get my attention.


~3rd Person (time scoot back)~
Wilford tilted his head up, making Dark believe he was out. His chin now hurt horribly, and he might have even bit his tongue. Once he walked away, Wilford pulled his gun out of his front pocket slowly.  Staring at where Dark and (Y/N) was, anger surged through him.



NO! She should be HIS and HIS ONLY!
He raised the gun, hearing Mark shout, but nothing would stop him.

Aiming, he pulled the trigger.


~and cause I'm cruel, you'll have to wait till next chapter to see who is shot. It's surprising, I'm back.
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