Chapter 47

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The morning, like all the other mornings, dawns cold and foggy. My breath swirls to mist as I unzip the flap to our tent. The air outside is cold and slices my lungs when I breathe it in.

Josh sits by the stove at breakfast, showing no emotion.

Angie and I agreed to keep a close eye on him and listen out every night from now to see if he continues contacting the unknown 'Sarah.' To be honest, I'm kind of looking forward to it, as it makes our nights a lot more interesting and gives me something to be excited about.

"Well?" my mother asks, looking round at all of us. "Did everyone sleep well?"

My eyes flicker to Josh at that. He continues jabbing his soldier into his boiled egg. If he heard what she said, he doesn't seem very affected by it. I feel disappointed at that as I was hoping he would do something to give himself away.

No one protests when we start moving earlier. I guess everyone's used to it now, to some extent at least. Even though we have burning legs and rumbling stomachs, we trudge on towards...

Towards where?

With a jolt, I realise I don't even know where we're going. The previous goal was 'to find the others'. Now that I can check that off the list, I don't know what's next.

"Dad?" I call out. "Where exactly are we going?"

He glances at me before looking back down to the floor, using his stick to help propel him forward, compass hanging from its string, wrapped around his arm.

"Don't you know?" he says between small pants.

Slowly, I shake my head, wondering what on earth could be revealed to me.

"We're going to the Camp," he says.

"Camp?" I repeat in confusion. "What Camp?"

"It's a camp for people with these wintry powers like us. Well," he adds, looking me up and down, "not you but you know what I mean."

Pant. Step. Pant. Then he continues.

"When people started discovering they had these powers a few months ago, me included, they didn't feel safe. And, as they were getting persecuted by the Government, they decided they would be stronger if they were together. So, they all decided to make a Camp in the Scottish Highlands and that's where we're headed now."

"And how do you know where it is?" I ask, intrigued.

"You just go up north," he replies simply. "Wherever you are, get a compass and go North and eventually you'll get to one of their barriers."

I nod, watching him finger the compass in his nimble hand. "And how do you know that?"

"Josh told me. He's got good knowledge on these things," says my father. "He really knows what he's doing."

Yeah, I think drily. He certainly does.

But I don't tell him about what Angie and I discovered last night. There's no need to. And besides, I don't want to worry him any further since it looks like he's got a lot in his hands at the moment.

So, for the rest of the journey, until well... never, I stay silent.

Is this information really worth keeping secret?

Yes, I decide, it is. I don't know anything about it. It's just Josh calling someone in the middle of the night, named 'Sarah.' I don't know, she's probably his girlfriend from back home or something.

Why does that make me feel so strange?

I sigh and dismiss my thoughts with a small shake of my head. There's no point in getting carried away. So, I fall into rhythm with the others, plodding on further and further but it feels like the time we reach the 'Camp' will never come.

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