8. Crawling Back To You

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I've added another chapter to this story as I've decided I'm going to continue it, but slowly, adding parts every now and then. IF YOURE READING THIS - PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT MY NEW FANFIC. I will be updating it tomorrow and it'd mean a lot if you guys read it:)

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Alex's P.O.V

It's been a week since I'd seen Flo. She had rejected all of my calls and ignored all of my texts. I was worried that i'd done something wrong, but I wasn't going to go round to her house because clearly she didn't want to see me.

Everyday since then, she wouldn't leave my mind. I grumbled to the lads and I dragged myself into the studio...

Flo's P.O.V

That night ruined my life.

Ok, so maybe that was an over reaction, but it certainly hadn't left me with a lot of joy. After I caught a bus home, I got into bed and just cried. Alex and I weren't even together, yet people were already judging me! Saying I wasn't good enough for Alex and that he deserved someone better. The horrid comments were constantly playing on my mind and I started to believe them. I had always questioned why such a well regarded rockstar wanted to be with little old me, a nobody.

Alex had been calling me and texting me all week, it took all my will power to ignore the fighting urge to text him back. it was for the best really, it was true that he deserved someone better than me, besides, i'd only hold him back from reaching his full potential. I decided it'd be best for both of us if nothing was said and we carried on with our lives the way they used to be; however hard it was.

Even at work it was hard to concerntrate, customers with even the slightest resemblance of Alex would make me tear up right In front them; they must've thought I was mad!...

Alex's P.O.V

Slumped over my guitar, I stared blankly at the music sheet infront of me. Me and the lads had a deadline to create a new album by and it was creeping up on us terribly fast.

The last few days I had struggled to think of anything other than flo and so I found it difficult to produce a song of any sort, even a shit one. Sure, I could channel my sorrow into a sad song, but I'm sure a depressing heartbreak song isn't what the label wanted to hear from us.

The boys could sense my sadness and didn't harass me, thankfully.

"Al" Matt said quietly to me, shuffling up next me.

"Hm" was all I could manage, with a weary smile.

"I think this is why Flo hasn't talked to you..." Matt said, apprehensively handing me his phone that was open on a twitter page.

"@flo__x.. Is this Flo's twitter account?" I questioned matt timidly.

"Yeah... Have a look at the tweets" he replied, pointing to the brightly lit screen.

I scrolled through the tweets and was disgusted at what I was seeing... our own fans were sending Flo hate, I couldn't believe it.


"Are you going out with al?"


"We'll not exactly"



"Al's mine, sorry love ha.. but seriously, why did he pick you?"


"Oh aha, um I don't know"



"I bet you can't believe your luck, it's a miracle anyone would love a scrub like you - let alone al"


"I suppose I do think I'm lucky"


I was frozen in shock at the sly comments that had been thrown at Flo, I didn't even know that she had twitter!

Her flat responses made my eyes well up and a guilt induced anger fuelled within me, how could I let her feel belittled by these disrespectful... Well, bitches!?

"I've got to go" my voice shaked as I rushed towards the door, desperately trying to hold myself together.

Flo's P.O.V

My shift at the club dragged out tediously, as per usual, but eventually it came to a sweet end.

I managed a smile in utter relief as I got a cab home. gazing aimlessly out the window, I let my thoughts wonder.



My phone vibrated vigorously against my leg, shattering my pleasant daydream.

It was another twitter notification, I opened it cautiously and I felt my heart race.

It was another hate comment from a fan of the bands'

"I don't get it... Alex is so hot!.. And you're... Well, not"

'I know' I thought to myself, sighing, but locked my phone without replying.

I'd received a bomb of hate since I'd been seen with Alex at the gig and it was part of the reason why I restrained myself from communicating with him at all.

Before the overwhelming sadness took over, I payed the cabbie and go out. As I began to walk up the stairs, I felt the cold tears start to stream down my colourless cheeks. I was sure this phase of mild depression would pass over time, but for now I had to just live with it.

To my absolute delight, the lift in my apartment block was presently out of order due to maintenance work in progress, so I dragged my tired body up the seemingly ever-lasting stairs.

"Ugh" I puffed in exhaustment as I overcame the last step to my apartment floor. I rummaged through my handbag, searching desperately for my keys, carrying on walking to my front door blindly.

"Aha" I exclaimed in relief, pulling the key out by the 'The Strokes' keyring that was on the chain. As I diverted my vision from my bag to my front door, I saw a man huddled against the doorframe of my flat. His head rested lazily on his shoulder and he looked as if life had caught him out.

As I approached the man, it became increasingly clear to me that I recognised this guy. His dark clothes grasped tightly around his toned body that was slumped in an unusually defeated position. He kept his sunglasses on and I smiled in admiration. My heart began to beat faster and I felt butterflies flutter in my stomach. He looked up as he heard my footsteps approaching him..



I've added another chapter to this story as I've decided I'm going to continue it, but slowly, adding parts every now and then. IF YOURE READING THIS - PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT MY NEW FANFIC. I will be updating it tomorrow and it'd mean a lot if you guys read it:)

Thanks people!;D x x

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