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Her hair was brown but nearly golden, and her eyes held hints of hazel. Her fair skin wasn't nearly perfect, from the blushed blemishes on her cheeks that made her seem younger than she was to the beauty marks and freckles that littered in skin in awkward places. But you'd never notice, in fact you'd take it in as an added factor to her beauty. She was the sweetest thing most people had ever seen. Often staring off into the distance with wide eyes and parted lips, or otherwise smiling sweetly. And that caught people's eyes. She was an innocent, quiet girl for the most part, but she was care-free as well. Not caring what anyone thought of her as long as she was free to have flowers in her hair and stars in her eyes. Truly a gold dust girl. And he called her honey, because even the sickest of men could get drunk on her sweetness.

He however, was dark in nearly every way possible. His hair was dark and wavy, his olive skin tainted in various inks, and his clothes were dark. Even his green eyes could be dark. All except for his lips, which almost always remained a rosy pink. Chapped-yes, but always pink. Women were drawn to him, but never in the way that he was drawn to his honey. The girl that seemed to lighten the darkness he had always known. And all that dark boy wished for was to press his lips against every inch of her fair skin, and let her sweetness consume him.


this story will have smut, so much smut. and she will be underage for half of it. if you aren't into this stuff leave, no bad vibes in this corner.

harry ; 30
linda ; 16

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