Daang Matuwid

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Write an essay on the slogan of Pres. Benigno Aquino III, "Daang Matuwid".

The slogan of former Pres. Benigno Aquino III, "Daang Matuwid" can be associated in the saying that, "Intelligence can bring you to success. But it's your attitude that keeps you there." In order to be a part of the government, one must attained a certain degree of education that was prescribed and by that we can conclude that politicians are intelligent people. But it is not a question of who is the most intelligent of them all, rather who bought the right principles with them. Bringing the right principles means that no matter what the circumstances are, you will make a stand on what is the right thing to do without swaying.

The slogan "Daang Matuwid" can also be applied in the business sector. It is not only in the government that needs an eagle eye but also in the business sector. Business sectors provides goods and services to the public in exchange of payment or compensation. Businesses provides the basic necessities like food, water, shelter, clothes, etc that is needed in our daily lives. So, what will happen if businesses choose to take a path opposite of the staight path ? First is that the government will be affected, since businesses pays taxes and tax is the lifeblood of the government, then it will lessen the fund that the government can used in its projects. Another is that, it can affect the inside of the company itself, particularly the employees, what if the company doesn't follow the minimum wage prescribed and pays their employees lower than the minimum or maybe they doesn't have vacation leave or they choose to eliminate giving of incentives. These things will make their employees dissatisfied and it can affect their performance that can lead to production problems and the like. Motivation is a big factor in boosting one's capabilities. Next we have the consumers, of course, if the businesses chooses the wrong path and charges the consumers with an unreasonable price then consumer will choose to lessen their consumption or worst is none at all. And that leads to a poor Economy which is the last.

The "Daang Matuwid" is very beneficial to all of us. Let's think of it this way, If you take the right path then it will lead you to the right place and if you choose to take another path, Yes! It "might" lead you to your destination but think of the consequences that it might bring. What if while taking your own make path you lost your way, or you use other people. Is that good? Will you be happy at the end? Will you have peace of mind? The decision is all up to you.

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