Chapter 26

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I starred at the wall across from the one I was leading against. My heart was still racing in my chest. After having paced up and down the cell looking for any sign of an exist. I felt myself starting to go crazy. I just kept focusing on Azreal. I knew he would come and get me. But I know if I sit here much longer I'm going to go crazy. 

I got up and walked around the cell again and checked all the walls. There wasn't even a crack. I let out a breath and felt my frustration rise. I walked across to the other side of the small room. Turning towards the wall I ran across and slammed my shoulder into the wall. 

The wall shook but didn't budge. I let out a screech of frustration and ran at the wall again. Still nothing. My shoulder throbbed and I clutched it. I growled at the wall. I paced around again and again. There was a slight breeze coming from somewhere. I looked around trying to find the source. Finally I looked up and I saw it. Next to the light there is a medium sized vent. I looked up at it trying to gauge the distance. That could be my ticket out. 

I looked around trying to see how I could get up there. There was nothing for me to climb on. I let out a low groan and jumped. I didn't even come close. I growled and then thought about Azreal. Being back in his arms, being safe. With that thought I lunged up and smacked the grate. I was able to hit it so hard that it fell to the ground with a bang. 

I jumped back from the sound and looked around. I waited for people to come running and grab me but there wasn't a sound. I let out a huff and looked up at the air vent. It looked wide enough to let me wiggle through. It was curved around the side. I would have to jump up and try and grab the side. The hard part would be pulling myself up. 

I squatted down and jumped. My figures brushed the cool metal but I missed by a few inches. Jumping for the second time I was finally able to gab the side of the vent. I clutched onto it and tried to pull my body up but my arms were already shaking. I kicked my legs out and pulled up. With a huff I threw myself into the dark metal air vent. There was a loud bang and I froze yet again to make sure no one came looking for me. 

I rolled over onto my stomach and looked around. There was a cool breeze flowing down the shaft. I scented the air. It was fresh and from outside. There was pine and the smell of rotting leaves. I started crawling down the shaft at a quick pace trying to stay as quite as possible. 

After minuets of follow the twisting shafts I heard voices below me. I slowed and my heat pounded in my chest as I recognized one of the voices. I slowly moved right over the vent so I could hear better. 

"Where did he put her?" Jason asked a guard. 

"Shes in one of the white room cells."

"Good, good. Go and grab her I have some special plans for her. "

"Beta? Evelyn is pack."

"Don't you dare question me pup. You have ten minuets to bring her to me or you can have her punishment." He growled. 

Without looking back the guard ran off towards my cell. At that I watched Jason walk away. I panicked at the thought of the guard finding the empty room with the knocked down the vent. I picked up the pace and quickly made my way through the vent. I slowed as I came to a division. Just as I slowed a loud snarl made its way through the vent. It was coming from my cell. My heart thrummed in my chest. I couldn't tell what way to go. This would be so much easier if I could shift. My wolf would be able to sent better and fit through better.

With ought a second thought I shifted into my small wolf. my clothes are now ripped to shreds. Uncaring I sniffed at the air flowing from either side. The left seemed like it continued through the rest of the house where as the right smelt more fresh and cleaner. With ought looking back I ran down the right tunnel. 

I sprinted my way down it and my claws tapped against the cool metal. I was getting closer and closer to the end of the vent when I heard a growl. My heart raced there was someone else in the vent. That thought only made me run harder. I could hear them behind me close on my heels. 

I continued running until finally I saw small cracks of light in the distance. I'm almost there I can do it. I ran even harder until I finally reached the end of the vent. I slammed into it hard and knocked the vent cover right off. Not looking back I sprinted out into the open. I was finally outside I sprinted off towards the woods not bothering to look back at the dark wolf on my heels...


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