03: Sims

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Notehere's an important note to say that dave franco's smile is so beautiful and yeah, i see him as eduardo argo


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The littlest thing can cause a ripple effect that changes your life. 

How I Met Your Mother (Season 2, Episode 15)

03: Sims

The Victor's Tournament was something I knew of long before I'd even joined the school myself. The simplest way to put them was... the Olympics. But for school students.

But God, they were much more than that. The competition, the way people were so invested in them, the prizes, the publicity... I could say they were even bigger.

The Victor's Tournament was respected, both in and out of VAc. That's what made it such a huge deal to win - it looked amazing on applications, it got you good publicity, good business further on and a good cash prize. That, along with a beautiful looking trophy.

Before we'd ever joined, back when Damien and I were considering VAc - I knew our parents wanted someone from Hilfiger descent to win it. But once they saw how unlikely it was going to be, they had a talk with Damien (which I know, however much he denies it) about how he could make them proud.

That's the extent the games went to. That even parents began becoming involved in them.

Had they not even been mandatory to participate in, I would turn another blind eye and act is it they weren't there. But maybe it was time to let things change and stop letting life and opportunities walk all over me because of how I was negative about these things.

"It's our first week, classes doesn't start till 9," Ales grumbled from her bed at the other side of our room. "It's 7.30 in the morning, why would you ever be up, Dixie?"

I shrugged. "I'm bored. And not sleepy. I'm going riding," I told her while lacing up my boots. "Want to come?" I asked, even though I knew she would find some new way to say no. However much I loved riding, I could never get her or the two boys to share my interest. Ales complained it hurt her back and put dust in her hair whereas the two boys complained that it wasn't sport and it didn't help. The only other person I knew who could ever love horses and the sport of riding them or polo was Mason. 

"At this time? God's sake, what are you?"

"A morning person?" I smiled before quickly dodging her pillow thrown my way.

"Ugh, get out. You smell like positivity and motivation and I don't think I'm ready for that kind of commitment," she yawned before falling right back into sleep.

I laughed. "See you in class, Princess Ales."

*                *                *

The campus was as dead of people as it was alive of everything else. Perhaps I didn't notice whenever I was rushing to class with Ales at 7.20 in the morning because she held the two of us up while getting ready but it really was something else.

I liked it this way though. Just me and just quiet. No running around, no crowds, no rush - just peace. I plugged my earphones in before stuffing them into my ears and diverted my attention to choosing a song from Lights. With my eyes completely glued onto my phone, I ended up walking into a cushioned pole and fell back slightly.

"Ow," I exclaimed before rubbing my nose and praying no one saw that. I so did not want to be that person who fell on shoelaces or walked into glass doors because they weren't paying attention.

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