Ch. 00

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I'm back!! You know what that means...


| The Beginning |

Kasai's POV

Looking down at the fading runes that were burned into the ground around me...

You see, I was practicing my rune magic. My dad had given me a book to study that while he taught Natsu how to eat fire.

Now I know what you all might be thinking...

"Eating FIRE!!? Are you insane!?"

And to answer your question... no, I am not. But what do you honestly expect when your raised by a


Who also just so happens to be teaching me and my little brother magic.

Well, Natsu learning fire dragonslayer magic, while in the mean time I've been taught elemental dragonslayer magic.

Learning this type of magic given both of us all the qualities of a dragon. Super sensitive hearing/sight, a much better sense of smell, mostly hard skin, fangs, etc. Including the ability to eat our specific element.

Elements in my case.

The down side is that all of us dragonslayers apparently all share a weakness.

Motion sickness.

Anyways... with that out of the way, let's focus on the problem at hand. I might as well explain to all of you how I ended up in this mess.

Well~ you see while I like to familiarize myself with other types of magic than just focusing on my dragonslayer magic. So that being said I was writing down some runes my hand had slipped, which must've caused the runes to activate. Transporting me in the middle of some random forest.

Which leads me to my current problem, trying to figure out where I am and how to get back to Dad and Natsu.

Looking around my current location, I saw nothing but trees and some undergrowth from all sides. I decided to look from higher ground, so I climbed one of the trees besides me.

Once making it to the top, I saw more trees and forest, but no Dad or Natsu.

Heading back down, I realized I could even find a single scent trail that they were ever near here. Although, during my search I did find both my scarf and my story book. Dad had given both Natsu and I a scaled scarf. Natsu's is a creamy white color while had started off the same color, but for reason turned black. The book on the other hand was given to me by dad who had previously gotten it by his friend Grandeeney. It was filled with many folks tales, legends, and myths from the past.

I'd sometimes read it to Natsu when he couldn't sleep.

Tucking the book under my arm, and wrapping my scarf securely around my neck. I set off walking, to find a place to set up camp.

I continued to walk before finding a small open clearing near a small river, I spent the rest of the day searching the area for any signs of dad or Natsu, but still came up with nothing.

So upon the next two weeks, I had searched the whole the forest for any more signs of Natsu or Dad, but still came up empty handed. So today is the final day of searching before I set off on my journey to find my missing family.

Upon searching the area one last time, I came upon a dirt road.

I followed it, remembering to mark the path I was taking to head back to my camp site when suddenly.

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