Chapter 2: Chains and Wolfsbane

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Chapter dedicated to: fatima_sk1


Adeline hung limp.

With her head hanging from her shoulders, all she could see was the grey cement floor decorated in splatters of blood and claw marks. Her breaths came in fast pants, and her muscles ached. The Beast was quiet in her mind, but she knew better than to think that It was done.

This had become her norm for the past three years-- her daily routine, her periodic occurrence.

Her life.

Normal she-wolves her age would be gossiping with their pack of friends about how overprotective their fathers were, or complaining about the pack training session that they still had to attend.

Adeline never got to experience that. The feral Beast that had arrived just as quickly as that horrible headache, stealing that birthright from her, taking the normality of everyday life from her-- the very light that had once enveloped her soul.

"Addy, honey?" A soft voice pierced the darkness, gentle but firm.

Lifting her heavy head, her eyes scanned the room. Standing by the door that opened out into the rest of the basement, Adeline's mother watched her with dark brown eyes.

Alexandra was a centuries-old she-wolf, but didn't look a day over thirty-five. She was also stunningly beautiful. The Luna had waist-length, wavy chocolate hair, rich brown eyes that could slice into a wolf's soul with a single glance, and a lean, feminine form.

The only things Adeline inherited from her mother was her wavy brown hair and heart-shaped face.

"How are you feeling?" Alexandra pushed off the wall, stepping up to Adeline's cell with calculated, slow steps. The Luna cocked her head, her eyes narrowing.

Letting out a grunt, Adeline tugged at the chains shackled around her wrists, but like all of the other times she had resisted their cold grip, they held fast.

"Last night was bad, Adeline." Alexandra growled, her canines flashing. "I think it is time that we call-"

"No," Adeline bit out through clenched teeth.

She'd heard this one before-- many, many times to be exact.

Her mother was going to say that she had to accept the fact that she wasn't going get better-- that they had to get the assistance of the Western Oracle. It was a discussion that they'd had over and over throughout the past three years, and it always ended the same.

In her favor.

"Sasha doesn't have to be contacted," she hissed through her teeth. "I will get better. My eighteenth birthday is in a month, and then everything will go back to the way it was before. She doesn't need to be contacted."

'Everything will be normal,' Adeline told herself, but she knew that life would never go back to the way it was before she had attacked Zoë.

There would always be the shame, the mistrust in herself... the hatred...

Alexandra seemed to battle for her words for a moment, her dark eyes glowing with emotion, but after a minute of tense silence, the Luna rolled back her shoulders, her jaw set-- the words that had no doubt been gathering on the tip of her tongue retreating, turning tail and disappearing back into Alexandra's throat, tucking themselves away somewhere in the depths of her chest.

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