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I was right. Taylor took exactly 22 minutes and 18 seconds to get ready. Not that I was counting. When he finally comes out I decide to tease him. Obviously that's what I'm going to do duh.

"Ready princess?" I mock

"Shut up V"

"You took longer than me"

"You got in the shower before me! If you'd let me join you I would have been quicker" He flirts

"You would have liked that wouldn't you?" I laugh just as there's a knock at the door. I open it to see Matt. "Hey Matt, we are just coming, your highness over here likes to take his time" He laughs and Taylor comes up behind me.

"Shut up V" Taylor says pushing me out the door "I'm ready now, lets go"

We walk down to the lobby where the rest of the group are. I say a general hello to Shawn, Carter, Mahogany, Aaron, Hayes, Nash, Cameron, Jacob, Jack J and Jack G. They all seem very nice. Mahogany is the only other girl here so it looks like I'll be spending some time with her. Jack and Jack brought their friend Sam Wilkinson along with them and he seems really nice too, not to mention that he's hot. Bart walks out, instantly grabbing each of the boys attention, I see Cameron and Nash roll their eyes at each other when Bart begins to talk, I can't help but giggle to myself. They look at me and begin to laugh quietly to themselves.

"CAMERON! NASH! Stop laughing" they instantly stop, I look to Bart, he's shooting me a glare. What a jackass. Taylor nudges me when he sees me holding Bart's stare so I snap out of it.

"V stop"

"Sorry Tay" I whisper

"The event begins in 3 hours. I want you all to be ready in 20 minutes for sound check" I hear sighs and mumbles from the group. Wow they really don't like Bart do they?

We make our way back up to the room, Sam, Jack and Jack follow us and we sit down on the beds. Sam sits next to me whilst Jack and Jack sit with Taylor on his bed.

"So how long have you known Taylor, Veronica?" Jack J asks

"Please call me V or Roni or anything just not Veronica" I plea "And I've known him since I was 2, so 15 years"

"15 years living next door to this hot piece of ass, you lucky girl" Taylor teases

"Yeah great" I say sarcastically.

"So what's the deal with you two?" Sam asks "Friends? More than friends?" Taylor and I both laugh "What? Am I missing something here?"

"No, we are just friends. It's just that Matt asked the exact same thing"

"Ohh right!" He laughs too, relieved he's part of the joke.

"It's been 20 minutes, we better get down there or Bart will be mad" Jack J says getting up. We follow him down to the lobby, Jack G, Jack J and Taylor walk ahead, leaving me with Sam.

"I think you're very beautiful" Sam says staring straight ahead, I feel myself begin to blush "If you wanna hang sometime whilst we are here that would be cool" He adds

"Thanks" I smile as we reach the elevator

"Will you two walk a bit faster please? We are going to be late" Jack J says, he seems worried.

"Sorry" I apologize, Taylor takes my hand.

"Don't worry Jack, I'll drag her" He laughs. The elevator doors open and Taylor picks me up, throwing me over his shoulder "Or I'll just carry her" I laugh but don't wiggle to get free, last time I did that I kicked Taylor right in the mouth. Taylor carries me through some doors into a big open room with a stage set up at one end.

"You're late!" Bart's voice booms over the mic, Taylor puts me down and I see Jack J looking worried "Jack I thought better of you" Jack looks like he's on the verge of tears

"It's not his fault! It's mine, sorry Bart" I speak up

"Veronica Jones, I'd like to remind you that you are a guest at this event" I shrug, not knowing what to say. "Jack and Jack you're up first"

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