katelynmckelle - What Heroes Are

katjalouw - Jade

kaznav - Tales of the Braided Fox

kemorgan65 - Shadow of the Past - a 'trilogy'

marisabaratta - In Your Dreams

MartyCameron - The Deity

MayaR-31 - The Light of Elysium 

mdclxxxii - Beginnings of Graves 

merikurage - Starlight

Mimi_Binds - The Araminai Chronicles; Azura's Goblet

MiriamCortinovis - A Dream of Nowhere 

MoonlightBearer - Venery

Netshaly - The Jar of Souls

nightshade-- - A Shadow of Frost

Niranju98 - Tremendous Ten And The Missing Piece Of History-The Chronicles Of T10

no_kidding - Equinox

ophidiae - The Weeping Dragon

P-Oenothera - Lunar Ascension

PaintingTheRosesRed - Icebound

paolojcruz - Otts and Ynés in the Carnival of Reason

 Perci_Snickedy - G.A.L.E. Force - Duology

PerfectConcept - Developed

pranjaliaditi - GRAVITY FALLS

Prantika12 - Run

ProjectMyst - Whispers of War: Umbral Calamity

quietEcstasy - Exorsus

RedasNight - Carnival Souls

 - Human

Saskatchewan7 - Aphora: The Last Witch

solidarity_ - shadow rise

squirrelg - Before Noon

SwanJFHBylanderIII - The Brothers of the Sword, The Waking Destiny

swpoet - Heir of Beasts

Tegan1311 - Finding Truths: The Council's Mission 

teklis - Dawn of Corruption

TrizzyMabirimisa - Power Play

VenomousKitsune - The Catalyst

winter-soldier - The Dark Side

WinterStars - The Air Howlers

xDRAG0N0VAx - Ascension of the Phoenix

XtraTina - Ashes to Ashes

z_taki - River's End

zero-infinity - Dark Queen

Please check the above and make sure that all is correct.

Two groupings will be posted on Thursday to begin Round One. The next two will be the following Thursday, so on so forth, until we finish Round One.

If you are wanting to get a new cover or enhance your book blurb before then, now is the time to do it.

If you haven't already, please refer back to the 'Important' page previous to this one.

Who's ready?

Swords and shrink rays,

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Swords and shrink rays,


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