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I have been planning this little speech for MONTHS and I'm still at a loss of what to write. How do you thank an entire group of people for changing your life?

Well, I'll try my best.

I just finished this book's first round of editing the day before my school year begins once more, and wanted to share these thoughts with all of you :)

I cannot thank you all enough. Every vote and comment makes me grin like an idiot and wonder how I got so lucky. Not to mention that the fanbase for this book is funny and warped and weird - just like the characters themselves!!

We have gotten up to NUMBER 5 in the science fiction category, which is MIND-BLOWING. I never dreamed that my writing was good enough to be this successful, even just online, and yet somehow, I managed to trick all of you into thinking this book was good!!

I started this book because I was bored and wanted to try Wattpad's #JustWriteIt challenge. Needless to say, I met my writing goal...and just kept going! And I'm so glad I did.

Not a single day passes when I don't think of this book. Literally. Even if I'm not checking its stats or editing it. Not a single day passes when I don't have the urge to hop on a computer and check this story's rating or reads, or stalk you all and see what percentage of my readers are from where in the world. :)

Many of my friends and even some family members have read this book, and (aside from my mother, who is sickened at the thought that her innocent little girl wrote such a thing) they've expressed overwhelmingly positive opinions about it, which is insane!

This book is not finished, not by a long shot. Don't get too excited - I'm not promising more chapters, an alternate ending, or a sequel - what I mean is, I still need to polish this book and get it to the best it can be! But I just had to share these emotions with you all first.

There are so many more things I want to say, people I want to thank, but if there was a version of the "You're taking too long" Oscar music for Wattpaders, I'm sure it would be playing right now...

Just...thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You have all truly changed my life.

*The following will be me freaking out over stats/ratings*

December 2017: This book recently reached 100,000 reads!! (I had to get that information from my friend...I should really pay more attention...) I'm mildly freaking out!!

12/28/17: This book's been holding strong in the top 100 sci fi books list for MONTHS! You guys have no idea how giddy that makes me... :)

3/24/18: I just counted, and this book has been read by people in THIRTY EIGHT different countries. This could never have been possible without the Internet and, obviously, without you guys. Thank you so much for spreading my book around the world!

4/19/18: WE GOT TO 140,000 READS!!! Thank you all so much!!

9/6/19: We just hit 200,000 reads. This is utterly mind-blowing. This has been my goal for so long - thank you all for turning it into a reality!!

Kinda random interlude but I found this interesting
I just learned about the Axeman of New Orleans from a Buzzfeed Unsolved video (stop judging me) and what was eerie about this particular killer was that he only ever used weapons that he found at the scenes of his first thought was, of course, "SAGE"

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