Free from the cell!

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I sat in my cell for what felt like hours getting to know Stripe. She is kind, feisty, easily angered, has the same or stronger aura as an alpha and VERY dangerous when provoked. Someone's coming. Finally it's about time I saw some light again. Yep I'm the only one around here keeping you sane. I faintly heard the jingle of some keys and the door was opened. There was a window opposite my cell and the light from it probably temerarily blinded me. After a minute of my eyes adjusting I heard someone clear their throat and I realised the person who opened the door was still standing there.

I looked up to see a blonde girl with golden highlights. She was about 5"8 like me and was looking down at me with a small smile and sympathy in her eyes.

When she realised I wasn't going to say anything, her high voice quietly said, "Sorry about this I don't think you should be locked in a cell but this is the first time we have had a rouge in a long time. Come follow me." And without giving me time to reply she grabbed my hand and lead me away from the horrible cell and into the marvellous pack house standing with all its glory.

After going up countless flights of stairs and receiving a few growls and snarles from pack members, we arrived in a golden corridor which I guess was for high ranking members and their families. "What rank are you... err." I stopped not knowing her name. "Oh my sorry! My name is Amy I'm 16 and I am the Alpha and Luna's second child. My older brother is Damen and he is taking over the pack in a few years when he is 20." Amy explained and I nodded. "Well I'm Angel and I'm 16 as well."

We reached a door that had a shiny gold paint on it and Amy place her hand on a tablet like screen which turned green and said 'handprint recognised'. Awesome I've never seen anything like it. Same my old door didn't even have a lock. I know stupid, we are the same person! I quietly whimpered thinking about my old life. Anyway you've been quiet where were you have been? Before she could answer I was pulled by Amy into her room.

After I had a shower and a put on some decent clothes I walked downstairs sniffed my way to the kitchen. And who do I meet? The breathing wall. "Hiya Bricky." I said casually. He snorted at my nick name and replied, "Bricky really?" I gasped
"So he speaks!" Earning me a chuckle. "Why are you not trying to throw me into that disgusting cell again?" I asked. "Well the Beta, my dad, and the alpha decided that you are not a threat because you weren't trying to break out, you aren't being aggressive, well after I dealt with you and you don't look like you could hurt a fly." Bricky explained. "Yep so I'm gonna get straight to the point, do you want to joint the pack?" Amy asked from behind me.

Do you think Angel will join the pack? Find out in the next chapter!

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