The Silver Moon Pack

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The other three wolves growled at me and I pretended to start walking. Then they let their guard down for one second. Mistake number one. I kicked one in the face and grabbed another ones tail and threw it into a tree. The other wolf looked at me, anger blazing in its eyes. It lunged and snapped at me, letting anger influence it's attacks. Mistake number two. I kicked the third wolf in the leg but not enough to break it. Feeling proud of my self, I turned around only to walk right into a brick wall. Wait do brick walls breathe?

Before I could answer that question, I was thrown over a muscular shoulder. Right it wasn't a brick wall but a muscle wall in the form of a werewolf. A very VERY angry werewolf. I was slumped over the wall and I braced my self for a long, uncomfortable walk to the pack house.

After what felt like hours, I decided to break the deafening silence. "So hi!" I said trying to be friendly. Sadly my attempts to make conversation were ignored. Even though I hate small talk I don't give up that easily. "What's your name?" No reply. "Hmm you look like a Jake. Jack? No? Oh I know! Joseph!" Still no reply. I chose a different tactic. Being annoying. "Are we nearly there yet?" It's like I'm literally talking to a wall. I clicked my fingers in front of his face. "Hello!? Are you responsive!? Oh I get it! Your a robot. A zombie? Fat slenderman!?" I huffed in defeat. And that's when I saw it. The pack house.

It was the most amazing mansion that I have ever seen. Yes, I have only seen one but thats not the point. It was surrounded by trees, every room had a balcony and I think I caught a glimpse of a lit up swimming pool

Alas, I was taken to the rouge cells instead of the stunning main house. The cells stank of three things. Rouges, blood amd death. I scrunched my face up in disgust as was thrown into one of the cells as dirt, mud and other disgusting things got onto my clothes.

Whoever hasn't been locked in a cell with no windows, four wall to stare at and your thought to keep you company, let me tell you it it TORTURE! I don't know if it was day or night, everywhere I seem to move, there is a sticky substance dripping on my head and it is so dark, I feel like I am sitting in an abyss of black.

Hey! I'm getting a headache from you whining so cut it out. A melodic but irritated voice in my head shouted making me yelp and jump so high, I banged my head on the ceiling. "Great, I am also hearing things and just to top it off, I now have a headache." I grumbled rubbing my sore head. I have to listen to your grumbing and I now a fractured skull as well! The voice said again. I whipped my head around so fast, I probably got whiplash, just to face nothing. I'm in your head dummy! I'm Stripe your White Tiger.

When in this font (bold and italic) it means it's me talking!

This font is Angel talking to Stripe or in mind link!

And this font is Stripe or another person talking in mind link!

I'm sorry chapter wasn't very eventful but it will get better I promise! ;) Also, I know 'Stripe' isn't a very creative name but I like it and I'm sure you will fall in love her no matter what! Update will be in a few days. See ya then.

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