Leaving the Yellow Crest pack.

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"Hello Matt." I said casually. "Or should I call you BROTHER?" I spat the word out like a disgusting taste. "You have no right to talk to me like that." He growled and raised his hand sending punch to my face. I caught his hand with ease, sent my fist flying back flying back at his own face and walked off to pack my stuff. I was leaving this horrible place.

After I had packed my stuff, I wrote a note saying:

Dear yellow crescent pack,

Thanks for ruining my life by letting my parents die, physically and verbally abusing me and showing me no love or equality whatsoever. I hope you are all proud of hurting another pack member and teaching you pups the same.

To my brother (the best brother in the world) thanks for always being there for me when I was sad and lonely. Note the sarcasm. You where always there to hurt me and blame me for my parent's death making me feel sad and lonely. I say my parents because you not longer related to us in any way possible but don't worry, I'm sure my parents are proud of you.

And finally my ex-mate. I hope you got to hell! I am so happy I rejected you before you could reject me. Have fun feeling the mate bond because I won't. I would rather be mates with a rouge than you. You are a jerk, a pathetic excuse of a werewolf and you will be the worst Alpha to EVER walk this earth. You were suppost to me my everything but now you are nothing to me!

To much hate to write on paper, Angel.
P.S. I WILL get revenge so watch your back because I might just come and break it...

I left this note on my bed and ran off into the woods and within minutes, I got to the border. When I passed it I felt pain shoot through my body. I used my witch powers to calm the pain but it still hurt. Then it got worse. My skin felt like it was being ripped off of my body, my muscles felt like they were being poked with thousands of needles. My bones felt like they were on fire and my brain felt like exploding. My bones then started rearranging and I began the the long, slow and excruciating process of shifting. I heard a deafening scream and realised it was coming from my body.

I felt myself going in and out of consciousness and when I got up, I found I was on four paws. Trotting over to a river, i came face to face with a beautiful white tiger staring back at me. I guess I'm a werecat then. Feeling more amazing than ever I ran about 10 steps before I  fell unconscious.

I woke up to a howl about 100 metres away. I also heard little paws banging on the ground and realising I was still in my tiger form, I shifted, imagining myself wearing a blue jumper and denim shorts. Four wolves suddenly ran towards me and circled me and the biggest one walked behind a tree and put on a pair of shorts before he came out again. "Why are you on our territory rouge?" His voice boomed. I felt a powerful aura around him and he was intimidating with his tall muscular frame but I stood my ground.

"What territory am I on? I wasn't really taught how to tell." I asked casually. "The Silver Moon territory." He replied. The biggest, strongest pack to ever exist. I am in deep trouble. "Come with me." He boomed. But I wasn't going without a fight.

That's another chapter and  promise it will get better! :)

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