The best and worst day ever.

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The next day I woke up to the best feeling ever. I felt my power surging through my veins making me feel fearless. Then it clicked and I don't know how but I just knew what I was. I was a hybrid. A witch, a vampire, a siren and something else that I couldn't comprehend. Nevertheless it was amazing to know what I was, to answer the question I have been asking for 9 years. My wonderful moment was ruined by my brother shoving me out of my room, banging my head on the wall opposite. "Make breakfast you stupid weakling! Oh and have a bath after, you stink of cat." He spat at me before turning away leaving me with a headache.

I glided downstairs faster than a werewolf could which I guess was down to the fact a was part vampire. I decided to try my witch powers. I focused very hard on making my headache go away and after half a minute standing and looking constipated, due to my concentration, my headache suddenly vanished. I then imagined food being cooked itself and placed on the table for the pack to eat. When I opened my eyes, food was flying from all over the place and cooking in mid air then landing on plates! Honestly, it looked like a scene from Matilda or something.

After that spectacle, I had time to run to my 'bedroom' and study with other people's homework. Just as I was about to answer a math equation, my name was called by the most mesmerizing voice in the world. I knew it belonged to none other than my mate. I rushed downstairs and followed the intoxicating scent of eucalyptus and citrus oil (My favourite smell) towards the source of the voice where I was grabbed by the neck. Sparks erupted on my neck but I ignored them when I met the face on my mate. Asher. Why would the moon godess pair me with this idiot!?

"You aren't my mate! WHY would the moon godess pair me with THIS WEAK UGLY LITTLE FREAK!" Asher shouted. That was it. I was done hidding in the shadows and not standing up for myself. Enough was enough. "That was exactly what I was thinking!" I growled back. Asher increased his grip on my neck even though I saw a flash of pain go through his eyes. I felt mine turn white and I didn't bother fighting it, I accepted who I was.

Asher gasped in shock. As fear and curiosity shone in his eyes. He's brave, I mean if I was holding a girl by the neck then her pupils turned white, I would run out screaming. Asher quickly regained his posture and the curiosity was gone. Then he did the last thing I thought he would do. "I Asher Frost future Alp-" But I interrupted him. "I, Angel whitestone reject you, Asher Frost future alpha of the yellow crest pack and position of Luna." He then dropped me and fell to the ground in pain. He managed to get back up and smirked at he like noting happened. But his smirk was faltered by sadness, pain and regret.

Being rejected is the worst thing that can happen to a werewolf along with their mate dying. Half of their soul is ripped from them and most rejected werewolves go rouge or die.

I wasn't a werewolf though. Asher replied, "I Asher Frost accept Angel Whitestone's rejection as my mate." I smirked back as I watched Asher clutch his chest in pain again and try in vain to cover up the pain he was feeling. By this time a crowd had formed. My eyes swirled white, red and black as I walked off feeling proud of myself when I was stopped by my 'brother'.

That was chapter 2! Hope you like it! Mayxxxx

I'm reading back on this and  cringing so hard right now.

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