Seven: I Ain't 'Fraid Of No Malik

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(Make sure you read the Authors note at the end xx)


He was in my dreams last night.

Why ?

I couldn't help but vision him in my dreams, watching me. Without saying a word.

His brown eyes focus on me but there was nothing in his dull brown eyes that used to be light.

It was filled with anger and hate.

I was writing my essay on World war and nothing seemed to come up.

Zayn flashed through my mind as i shook my head.

I dont know whether i was tired yesterday or fully conscious but i was positive i saw Zayn.

It had to be true, i had been thinking about it since and i was even dreaming about it.

They way his brown eyes were lost in a world of his own.

I sighed and left my laptop to go downstairs. My older triplet brothers were wrestling over the tv remote and Eve was nowhere to be seen.

As usual,

I rolled my eyes and grabbed the Remote and changed the channel. I heard a chorus of groans.

"Skylar ! We were watching that" Andrew yelled at me.

I scoffed "More like fighting over that"

"Put it back our game is starting !" Carl whined as i rolled my eyes.

"You were having fun fighting on the ground" I stated.

I finally changed the channel to the 5:00pm news .

They all groaned.

"Dont worry, The simpsons is after this " I teased.

"God Ski, Why cant you be those girls who only care about Celebrity Drama and manicured nails" Andrew whined as Carl went off to his room leaving James to watch our banter.

I just shrugged.

"Another Eve ? No thanks, one's enough" James said as i laughed.

I was not your average teenage girl. I wasn't obsessed with the latest fashion trends. Nor was i interested in other people's relationship. Celebrity or not. I mostly spent my time watching the news, reading , drawing and hanging out with my friends.

Ex friends.

I still couldn't believe they would say that about me . With Alice, i always felt like i had to share all my details with her. She doesn't have to know everything. But for her sakee, she needed to. Its like her drug.

That's why she made that stupid accusation that i was cheating.

"More war in syria then" James sighed "Same thing everyday"

"Its not their fault they're fucked up. Their leader is a douche " Andrew defended.

"Dont you have anything better to be doing ?" I asked them.

"Dont you have a friend to be texting" James sneered.

"Huh ?" I looked at him confused.

"Alice called a few minutes ago asking if you were going to the game with her and Flo" James said as i rolled my eyes.

"No im not going with them" My words came out harsh but i didnt care.

Andrew looked at me before smirking.

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