Chapter 1

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This party is stupid. Everything is boring. The music is boring and there's way too many children.

I sighed and went to sit beside the table where the food was. Might as well have some fun eating and getting drunk.

As I ate some chips with a beer in my left hand, sipping it from time to time, I let my eyes wander around the room full of old people and children. Being the only 19 year old here, really sucks. Being judged by the elders, and wanting to kick every little walking things who are crying.

I could still go and take a walk in the woods, I mean the party is very close to the woods. I could run away from the kids and go in my secret house, my parents did that, except they didn't go in my secret house. They went to talk with their friends, leaving me all alone here.

I sighed and closed my eyes. I reopened them after a few seconds, feeling some eyes on me. I looked around the room to see if I was just crazy or actually correct.

I was correct.

I had never seen someone looking so perfect looking at me that way. The woman had short blonde hair, ending on the shoulders. She looked rather old. At least older than me. Her face looked smooth as ever. I wanted to reach up to her face and touch it. Just to feel the smooth skin underneath my fingertips.

Realising I had been staring for too long. I looked away. I could feel myself becoming red as a tomato. Let's just say I am terribly afraid of hot ladies, or just being aroused, because that was clearly happening at the moment.

I stood up and grabbed my phone and put my headphones on. I decided that walking to the secret house did not sound like a bad idea right now. Except maybe that it's night and it's dark and i'm terribly afraid of darkness.

I still walked to the house, but with the flashlight out.

After a few minutes of walking I was finally there. I smiled slightly, loving how calm and peaceful it was. I laid down on the floor and looked up to the nonexistent ceiling. Looking at the stars in the dark sky.

My hands were behind my head as I laid on the cold hard floor. After a few minutes of relaxation, I felt another presence in the only room of the house. The said presence sat besides me and looked at me, smiling.

I looked up and removed my earphones, I sat up slowly, still looking at the beautiful woman in front of me. The same one I was looking at before, and who was looking right back at me. I suddenly couldn't look at her in the eyes anymore. My social anxiety taking the better of me and making me blush like crazy.

I looked down and the nameless woman laughed softly. Her laugh was majestic. It was beautiful and full of grace. I loved it and told myself that I wanted to hear it forever from now on.

After a while she finally spoke up.

"What is your name?" Her voiced sounded like a mermaid (not that I ever heard a mermaid but yeah you get what I mean).

I knew I was trapped, but it felt so right. I felt like I could never get enough of her voice and her laugh. It was hypnotic.

My brain finally understood that a question was being asked and an answer would be reasonable. Still not looking up at the woman I answered with a mumbled "Yes"

Jesus christ brain? What the heck was that?

The woman laughed again. Clearly amused by my brain being stupid.

"Your name is Yes?" She chuckled. I sighed and became even more red and embarrassed than I already was.

"I mean—no, my name is Justice..Amari—Justice Amari, yes. " I blurted out all of that. You see I feel like my brain just doesn't like me.

The woman smiled brightly and showed off her beautiful teeth. "That is a lovely name. Mine's Olivia." I smiled, so the nameless woman now had a name. I sipped from my beer, that now tasted like absolutely nothing. I feel like my brain is on my pause right now, like oh nope sorry not working, come back later, yes?

Olivia spoke up again. "You're very shy, aren't you?" I nodded shyly (oh?).

"Haha, I see." She chuckled again, points for me. She then looked at my hair and smiled. My hair is curly and very long, I figured she was going to compliment them. She reach to touch them and said "You have beautiful hair."

I looked up to her, she was watching me intensely, like she was searching for some kind of reaction from me. She gave my hair a small tug, still looking at my face. It wasn't painful. It so wasn't painful. It sent a shiver down my back and I instantly knew I was in for it. I let out a small gasp of pleasure and she smirked.

I became red, even more than before, I was 100 percent sure I was blushing from head to toe. As if on cue, my damn earphones got unplugged from my phone somehow. And of course the song playing had to be, Be Mean by DNCE.

"Fuc— I mean shit, no wait. I don't swear— goddamnit phone." I searched frantically for it. Looking absolutely crazy. Olivia seemed amused, since I heard her laugh once again.

Finally I stopped the music from playing and embarrassing me even more. I looked down on the floor, basically laying down and I felt soft hands turning me around. She made me look up to her and she smiled.

"Sorry...Miss Olivia." She seemed taken back the formality. But then shock was slowly replaced by a smirk.

"Miss, uh?" She said. "I like that coming out of your mouth." I tried to look everywhere but but straight at her but her hand was holding my face in place by grabbing my chin. I sighed in defeat and dared to look up for a few seconds.

When my eyes met hers, I felt arousal flooding through me. She slowly leaned in and her lips met mine. Her soft lips felt perfect on mine, they were hot and smooth, her tongue started asking for entrance into my mouth and I let her. I always thought that kissing with the tongue would be disgusting and repulsing. But with her I felt like it was the most beautiful thing in the world.

I felt her hand make her way up my shirt to grab my breasts. My virgin self clearly panicked. I started wiggling underneath her and she stopped her ministrations. I didn't want her to stop but I clearly haven't gave up the right message.

Thought what she said shocked me and turned me on even more. She looked right through my eyes and stopped kissing me, she held me down in place and placed my hands up my head.

"None of that, good girls stay still." I looked down.

"I'm sorry Miss.." She did not look pleased by me moving. "I just...don't know what to do ... I've never done this before.." She looked surprised by that statement.

"You're a virgin?" I nodded, ashamed. Her expression softened a bit and she smiled.

"That's fine. Do you still want to this, all I need to hear is a nice and firm yes. "

I looked at her, excited like hell. I nodded eagerly. "Yes!" She chuckled and ran her finger on my cheekbone, down to my jaw, tracing the line.

"Good." She kissed me again. I kissed her back eagerly, but then a soft ringing stopped her and she got up from me and sat up.

I just laid there, starting to get sad. Is it over? Will I never see her again? Does she have to leave?

I looked at her and she hung up the phone. She looked at me sadly and told me she had to leave. I sighed and nodded. She kissed my forehead and left me alone in the darkness of the house and of the night. After a while, I looked at my phone and realised there was a little piece of paper laying on it.

I turned it and read "Call me"  with a phone number written underneath it.

This is good.

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