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The plane finally landed and I grabbed my luggage. I walked out of the airport with my head up. Damn, it was pretty nice here. The warm wind breezed against my face. It was so much warmer here than in England. Wearing a hoodie and sweatpants probably wasn't the best idea. I order a taxi or a 'cab' and after about and hour, I was dropped off infront of the building. I walked out the the lady on the main desk.
Lady; hey, how can I help?
Maddie; I'm Maddie Carter, do you know what room I'm staying in?
Lady; ah yes, room 237
Maddie; thank you.
She passed me the keys and I took the elevator to the 3rd floor (room 200-270) I searched around for a while before finding room 230. It must be over here somewhere. Ah, got it.
I but the keys in the door, nervously thinking about who would be on the other side. I opened it, it was beautiful.  Then I saw a guy sat on the couch. What?
short chapter whoops.

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