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3:03 AM

koeun: mark!!!
koeun: ok someone just pranked me
koeun: i mean wtf it’s already past midnight
koeun: it’s creepy ..

mark: pranked u? lol
mark: i feel sorry for that person,
mark: they should run for their lives
mark: u r scary....

koeun: tf mark
koeun: smh
koeun: i just said someone just “pranked” me??
koeun: at this hour ????

mark: what did they say?

koeun:  “i love you, ko eunji.”

mark: oh-
mark: what a good prank
mark: im guessing u fell for it aha

koeun: bro
koeun: it's not like it's my first time to receive this kind of messages duh
koeun: but it’s been more than a year since i received one.
koeun: also it's midnight, my beauty sleep was cut off!!!¡¡!

mark: koeun who cares.
mark: im sleepy gn.

koeun: im just skwerd and also lowkey suspecting u
koeun: the voice is kinda...
koeun: familiar 🤔
delivered - seen 1:23 am

mark: what a quick-witted (!)

(!) - not delivered/sent

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