Chapter 1

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The dismissal bell, my hero. I loved to get away from this kind of hell. Now I had to come home and do homework and then clean my room.

The walk home was short by not that short. I hummed a random song in my head before bumping into someone and falling back, hitting the concrete. I groaned and they turned around and helped me up. "Sorry about that, I'm Dorthy." She looked about 17 but I didn't want to guess her age.

"I-It's ok, I'm Beyoncé." I brushed a little hair behind my ear. I then looked down picking up my geometry and other lesson books from school.

The girl walked away with her boyfriend and I continued the walk home. I sometimes dreamed I was in a movie.. or like in my own world.

:  :  : ( )

I entered my house with a smile on my face. I could be alone for the rest of the day.

"Hello mother." I greeted.

She looked at me and smiled. "Hi Sweetie, Dinner is almost ready so remember to do your homework and then come to eat." I nodded before running upstairs and opening my door to my room.

I got all my homework done in about an hour before taking a shower and then cleaning my room. Boy, was I tired.

I went downstairs for dinner and sat at the table.My father was coming home late again. My mother seem to be sad, but I didn't say anything.

"Hey bey." My sister solange says. She usually didn't get home from basketball ball practice until like 8:00, and it was now 9:00.

"Hi solo.How was practice? Did you dunk this time?" I said excitedly. When it came to my sister, she was like my best friend. I could see since we were drifting a part a little.

"Yeah, I did.I have to go take a shower and I'll be down in a minute." When she kissed my forehead I smelt the Oder that she was speaking of.

"Ew solo move!" I squeaked out. She laughed and made her way to her room.

I turned back to my mom and saw her almost finished with her food. "mommy what did you do today?" The look on her face told me she didn't want to talk, and I shut up really fast before I said anything else.

When dinner was done, I washed the dishes and went up to my room. The only friend I could say I had was Lyndell. He wasn't my friend... He was my boyfriend. The boy was smart, kind, caring, and handsome. Every girl wanted him, but I was lucky to have touched him in a way he wanted me, and sadly we did break up. I didn't want him back but I did want to have someone who loved me for me.

I turned off my light hoping I could get to sleep fast. I was having a good dream... and I was aggravated when I woke up. I dreamed of having someone who would cling to me like It was the last thing they'd do before they died... something like that.

As usual, school was awful. No one talked to me and I wanted to go home. I sat in my last class which was math.I watched as this new girl came in and sat beside me at the table. It was just 2 of us. They had it set up in pairs.

"Hi, I'm Beyoncé." I smiled shyly. I wanted to try to make a friend.

She waved at me. I felt the eyes of the teacher on me. She motioned for me to come to her and is told up walking over to her playing with my fingers.

"Yes, Ms.Goodman?" I said and she She whispered in my ear.

"Onika doesn't talk...Try to be her friend and be nice to her. She might come off as mean at first but don't take it personally." I nodded and sat back in my seat.

For the whole class period, I wondered how she sounded when she spoke. It was like she spoke with her hands and eyes, Through her facial expressions.

I looked at her one more time and caught her gaze and looked away before she could react. I grabbed my bag and exited the classroom and met out a breath I didn't know I was holding.

It wasn't until when I was walking home I noticed she was following me. I turned around and she stopped.

"Are you following me?" I asked a little too soft.

Onika shook her head 'No'.

"Well do you live around here?" I asked. She nodded and I walked with her to her house.

Her facial expressions were sour, I loved it. I realized she lived a few houses down from me.

Later that night, I thought about her. She was different and I loved it.Her black hair, smooth and straight.I imagined touching it. Her voice was probably high. Thinking about her sent me to sleep fast.


A/N: hope you guys like this story! I tried to be more detailed this is a story I've been thinking about for a while. This is a little present for y'all because it's Beyoncé's birthday. Sorry for any mistakes.

How do you feel about Beyoncé's life?

Why doesn't Onika talk?

anyway predictions on how Beyoncé's friendship with Onika will go?

Will Onika be like the others and ignore bey?


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