No Pain No Gain

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2nd Person POV

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You smile at the notification that popped up on your phone. About one hour ago or so, Harrison and Tom left to go work out or train for movie stuff.

Harrison's parents went out to work this morning, leaving you, Monty, and Charlotte in the house. Well, Charlotte being Charlotte, she went over to her friend's house for the day. So you are sitting on the couch with Monty laying his little head down on your lap.

You tap on the Instagram logo to watch the story that your boyfriend posted just a couple minutes ago. Harrison is sitting down on a stool while Tom does squats with a weight in his hands. #pain.

You let out a small laugh, smiling at the silliness the boys are doing and screen shot the Instagram Story. Clicking on the message app, you push on Harrison's contact to text him.

My Love😍💞
*send picture
Remember, no pain
no gain 😉

You are so cheesy
but also, what am
I gaining exactly? 😏

My Love😍💞
-spending time
w/best friend
-more abs
-my lovingness
-did I mention abs yet?

You've got quite a list
going there, but are
you sure you've got
everything? I mean,
I think you missed abs
on that list 😏

My Love😍💞
hpmm maybe I did😂
but honestly I miss
you and want to snuggle.
Monty is nice but it's
not the same😢

Wouldn't you want me
to take a shower first?
I mean I'm pretty sweaty
and gross at the moment

My Love😍💞
is it bad I want to
say no?

yes, yes it is, but how can
I say no to you? Honestly
though, I'm a sweaty
mess and I'm in need of

My Love😍💞
well than get your
ass home Batman

yes ma'am, I'll be
back soon love

You turn off your phone and set it down next to Monty. He licks the palm of your hand and yawns.

"Awh, you tired baby?" you coo, petting Monty with your other hand. He snuggles further into your lap, closing his eyes for another nap.

After forty minutes of sitting on the couch and watching The Office, you hear a car pull up to the Osterfield resistance.

Monty's head perks up when he hears the car door close. He jumps off and couch, sprinting towards the front door to await for his favorite person in the world.

"Hey Monty, how you doing baby?" you hear Harrison murmur to the dog. "Can you go find mummy for me, where's mummy, Monty?" The dog happily barks and runs back to the living room where you are laying down at.

Monty jumps back onto the couch next to you, giving Harrison another bark as he enters the living room.

"Monty, you found mummy! Good job boy," Harrison says in a quieter voice. He walks up to Monty, petting his on the head, while giving you a kiss.

"What, do I not get a head rub?" You ask, tilting your head like Monty does. Harrison rolls his eyes at you and rubs your head, purposely messing with you perfectly straightened hair. "Hey, that took a good twenty minutes to flatten down!"

"And it took a good twenty seconds for me to mess up," Harrison remarks, walking away from you.

"Hey get back here!" You yell at Harrison while sitting up from the couch. He stops walking and spins around to face you, already knowing what you are about to ask. "Don't you dare walk past me without doing the ab check mister," you said sassily.

Harrison rolls his eyes at you again and lifts up his slightly sweaty t-shirt. "You happy, love?"

"Very," you said smirking at him, "now go take a shower, I can smell you from here."

boom. short and cheesy. also. abs.

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