Chapter twenty-nine

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I felt paranoia flow through my veins as I ran through the woods. Will. I swallowed sobs at thought of him being controlled by They. I fell to my knees remembering what that ghost had told me last night.


I laughed as Calypso tried to use her Quill as a hair accessory. We were alone in the library. Annabeth and Leo were muttering about that book, she had just found out some more information but it still didn't make any sense and at the moment was mainly useless.

"Hey, Nico?" I turned towards Reyna who was sitting on the floor with Thalia and Percy.

 "What?" I asked a strange sense of dread filled my stomach.

"Where's Will." My eyes widened and I heard Hazel and Frank gasp.

"What is it?!" Reyna and I yell causing a sleeping Jason to wake up with a start.

"What's going on!" He asked and Frank shuffled nervously.

"He was following us when we left but It looks like he got lost," I felt a growl of annoyance escape my lips. This wasn't going to end well not after Hermione. Whatever she was looking for couldn't have been unimportant if she had trashed all of our dorms and gone through our luggage to find it. I'm not even gonna bother with mentioning how They played a part in it.

"I'm going to find him," I said moving to the door, Reyna, Percy, and Jason got up.

'We're coming too, what ever They want's it isn't good, the rest of you stay IM us if he comes." Percy said pulling his 'i'm the leader' persona out again.

"You go and try and find Will, Nico and I will look for They and try to find out what his game is," Reyna said. Percy nodded and ran off to the dorm while Reyna and I head towards the entrance.

I walked along the stone halls ducking in and out of the shadows if a teacher or prefect walked past. I looked up when Reyna gasped. I turned to the direction she was staring and saw the glowing purple box in front of us.

"How did that get here? I thought I had left it with Mr Weasley." I muttered walking quickly over and plucking the box off the ground and into my arms. Once I had done so I felt the familiar tingle of death and dark magic run my arms. 

"Come on, this wouldn't have just appeared for no reason lets get back to the others," Reyna began to march away and I almost ran after her but the silver flash of a ghost sent my mind into high alert.

"Who are you?" Reyna asked when we both noticed that it, luckily, wasn't They.

"Fred Weasley but that doesn't matter. What matters is that you don't let They get his hands on that box. No matter what. Also, don't trust each other until they can answer a question about themselves that They wouldn't know the answer to, he's controlling one of you, I don't know who but all I know is that they aren't safe." I nodded, if Fred was working for They he wouldn't have revealed this much to us.


I had asked Will how many days he made me stay in the infirmary, in Greek of course and he didn't understand me.

What was going on and aren't we supposed to be healing that school not getting into fights with the dead? Why can't we just have a normal Quest?

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