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Chapter 6: "Okay, that sounds lunatic but,"

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I WENT KICKING AND SCREAMING but the pair of arms holding me down was so strong considering they belonged to a petite blonde with dark eyes. "Calm down, Lady Stavros. Calm down." Heard her calling my new name, I stopped struggling and met her squarely in the eye.

"Who, who are you?" I scrunched my nose. The petite blonde was gorgeous but there was a hideous scar on her right cheek that made me want to cringe.

She gave me a small smile as if she knew I was trying not to offend her by looking at her scar. "I'm Lucy Rovaca, your personal maid."

"They didn't say anything about the personal maid. Fidelia didn't say either." This whole prison thing was bad enough without having someone watching my every move like a hawk and now I had one more prison guard.

Lucy raised her brows. "Perhaps Ms. Levin forgot to mention that. With all the haze about your coming, that's quite understandable."

As if she was on cue, there was a knock and the door swung open revealing none other than Ms. Fidelia Levin in her black blazer and skirt. Her brown hair was put in a chignon on the back of her head. The usual business smile plastered on her lips. "Lady Stavros. You're awake." She shifted her gaze to Lucy and gave her a hard stare, making the younger girl shiver and excuse herself with a simple curtsy.

Once the door closed behind her, Fidelia walked closer to me. "My apologies. She might have frightened you. Her name is Lucy. She'll be your personal maid along with two others. They're preparing your bath at the moment." She took out a white handkerchief, held it in front of her mouth and cleared her throat. I felt like she deserved the "Lady" salutation more than me. I usually sneezed around and wiped it with the back of my hand without a care and there she was reminding me how gross and unglamorous I've been.

"Pardon me." I nodded and she continued. "We all have sworn to serve you and protect you so you don't have to worry and can just enjoy your stay here. We're so honored and delighted to serve a Stavros." There was a penetration of the word Stavros that caught my attention and made me wonder if she was just giving me false assurance to make me put my guard down.

She explained to me further about how my clothes might not be suitable for Palace life and that The Queen had been generous enough to order clothes and wardrobes from a famous designer from Paris and got them delivered here by this morning. I took note of that and reminded myself to thank her next time I saw Queen Rhea.

I held up one hand to stop her from explaining further what was a day dress, she pressed her lips tight, clearly displeased with my interruption. "We've got a little problem though." I put one hand on the back of my neck and started to massage the tense away. "Well, I've never had a maid in my entire life. I don't know what to do with one, let alone three."

For the first time since I've met her, she gave me a genuine smile, not those tight-lipped business smile she always seemed to wear. Her brown eyes softened and there was understanding shown there. "Don't worry, Lady Stavros. They'll know what to do." She paused and wrinkled her brows as if considering whether to say more or not then decided to say it anyway. "But if they don't, and you feel displeased with any of their doing, let me know."

With that, she curtsied and left. Good thing she didn't continue her chatter about dresses and all those crap. I laid down and rested my head on the soft pillow. Sighing, I watched the white canopy above and wished this was all just a dream, that I was not going to live in the Palace and have to bear with all the bullshits.

I knew it was all for the protection, I had to save my dying clan and all. But still, it was far too much for an eighteen years old girl who wanted nothing but peace and love. I remembered coming here hoping to find my one soulmate and learn things about him yet discovered so much more about myself. And he turned out to be someone closer, my best friend's older brother, Vladimir. God, how much I missed him right now that I was alone in this big ass chamber. I missed Kris too, if she were here we would be giggling and talking on the bed with our heads close to each other, watching the ceiling. Or we could use the big ass screen on the wall and watch the Pretty Little Liars or Gossip Girl on a marathon.

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