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Chapter 4: Lady Isabelle Stavros

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"She looks like your twin.
She looks exactly like you."

"WE MEET AGAIN, OLD MAN." I greeted Pete who was reading a file with eyes that could make a hole in the paper. He was taken aback to see me there, in Court Guard HQ, more importantly in the famous room known as The Archives.

Apparently, according to Scarlet, this was where they kept all their records. Top secret and all. Only someone with a certain level of clearance like Pete knew the passcode in front. Oh well, and someone like Scarlet too, I guess, someone who was special. A court guard and not a regular.

Not only a Royal, Scarlet was a Pure royal, daughter of our Queen Rhea of Christoulakis, descendant of Zeus. I still couldn't figure out how on earth someone like her could end up being a court guard. And why in the hell her mother, The Queen, didn't stop her and even allowed her to be one. A mystery for another day, I guess. Maybe during our chitchat about how hot and unavailable Pete fucking Hudson was, she would unveil the mystery.

"Why are you here?" asked Pete accusingly. I walked closer as I didn't feel intimidated by him. Not even one bit as I knew he was all sweet and chummy more than he let on.

"Geez," I stopped a few feet away. "What did that paper ever do to you?" Pete returned his gaze to the file he was holding and dropped it on the box labeled "X2211" in front of him. He pulled the lid and closed it before I could see anything inside.

"You didn't answer my question, girl." He narrowed his eyes and walked toward me with a domineering look.

Still not intimidated, Pete.

Don't tease the poor man, Mila. [V]

I felt him before I could see him, standing right behind me. His hand was on my waist and the second he touched me, I felt something. Warmth spread all over my body regardless how low the temperature inside The Archives and how thick my sweater was.

Fine, I won't tease him. But look at him, how can I not? A deep chuckle was his only response.

"I don't have to, you'll get the answer alright." Just as I said that Scarlet came behind us with a file and yelled, "Found it!"

Pete squeezed his eyes shut and massaged the spot between his eyes with his thumb and index finger as if he was too exhausted for this. To be honest, I almost felt bad for giving him trouble but at the same time, there was no way I could back down knowing where the information that could explain this weird bond thing was. And since Scarlet was just as curious as me, then why the hell not?

This is why I don't want you to tease him. [V] I wanted to roll my eyes, instead, I solemnly nodded.

"What did you find? And how on earth did you get here?" Pete took the file from Scarlet and gripped her wrist firmly. She tried to wriggle out but failed miserably.

Flipping her blonde hair to one side, she blew a lock that fell upon her face. "Let me go, Petey, before I crush your balls." Scarlet dropped her eyes to the front of Pete's pants before shifted her eyes back to his and gave him a pointed look. Seemed like there was a history of his balls being crushed and he didn't wish to repeat the event as he dropped her hand and crossed his arms across his muscular chest. "Atta boy."

Pete grunted. "Explain." He looked down at Scarlet who was shorter than him by much and narrowed his eyes.

      Sadly, the blonde girl, just like me, didn't feel intimidated by that as she rolled her eyes. "Give me the file first." Scarlet opened one hand out front and raised one brow. Completely lost in this battle, Pete dropped the file on her hand and let out an exasperated sigh. This girl is good.

She reminds me of you. [V]

I turned around and poked Vlad's chest. "Hey! We're not alike." Vlad was about to say something but Scarlet had started to explain the details to Pete and we had no choice but to move closer to them.

"I had a photographic memory when it came to remembering the passcode when you opened that door a long time ago," Scarlet answered and ended with a grin. Pete shut his eyes and took a deep breath to calm himself down. Seemed like Scarlet was no exception when it came to the level of clearance, she must've peeked and memorized the passcode when Pete had brought her here before. And here I'd thought someone who was Pure Royal like her might get some special treatment, I should've known better.

"Anyway, I recalled we collected past events here, right?" Scarlet asked and Pete nodded in response. She opened the file and laid out the contents on top of a wooden desk. "Then this should be it."

I peered over Scarlet's shoulder and read the contents.

January 1867,
Lady Isabelle Stavros (18) reported the unusual click she had with two men: Mr. Jonathon Chance (21) and Lord Icarus Christoulakis (32). She was able to read both men's mind, however, only Lord Christoulakis was able to read hers. This might happen due to the fact that Lord Christoulakis was a Pure Royal whilst Mr. Chance was a regular.

June 1867,
The three of them was called to meet the Queen in her chamber. Three Court guards who were on duty: Travis Hawke, Todd Warwick, and Typhon Lachowski.
The usual four Palace guards were guarding the door of the Queen's chamber.
There was a scream echoed from inside the chamber and when two of the palace guards burst in, the girl, Lady Stavros had disappeared.
Witnesses to the occurrence were sworn to protect the secrecy of that night under The Queen's order.

- the report continued to Classified files -
- The Queen's authorization needed -

"What the fuck?!" Scarlet angrily took the paper out and checked what else was in the file. Yet there was nothing else, however, there were photos that dropped when she rampaged through the file.

I bent to pick up the photos and froze when I saw them. Vladimir bent and he too froze once he saw what silenced me. Pete bent on his knee and picked up the photograph from my hand. He looked down at the photograph in his hand with narrowed eyes then looked up at me. "What is it?" asked Scarlet who followed us all, took a seat on the floor.

Scarlet put one hand on Pete's shoulder and peeked. "Fuck! No fucking way!" Her eyes widened as the realization hit her just as hard as it hit us all, but Scarlet was no Scarlet if she didn't state the obvious.


All eyes were on me but I had no idea what to say.

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