Chapter 12

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Jaffy! I was able to do it! I can form water into a ball! Tomorrow, I start the process of fusing it with Sound magic! Aer is still helping me write letters while Yunan is doing the spelling thing. I can spell tomorrow without their help now! I think my handwriting has also gotten a little better. It looks legible. Aer told me to use that word. She says you would know what I meant. How's traveling? Is it fun? Seen any other big boats or pretty fish? I wanna go on a boat. I've never been on one. Are they fun? Yunan and Aer don't need them since they can fly and such. Aer said that she'll teach me how to fly if I want to, but right now, I want to focus on one thing at a time. Maybe another day, I'll learn how to fly. Also, Aer and Yunan like to treat me like their kid. It's fun. Yunan makes me all sorts of yummy food and Aer tells me all sorts of bedtime stories. She even told me about some of the funny things that happened between her and Yunan. Aer says she can't have kids, so whoever she trains, she treats them like their were her own. Tough love, she says... Whatever that means. Well, I'll write to you tomorrow! Nini!


Only 3 this time. She's getting better at spelling, and her reading is improving immensely. She has some trouble pronouncing some words, but we decided to have her read the letters out loud to help progress her reading and her presentation if you intend to have her help with possible sales and trade groups.


That's great! I knew you could do it. How long do you think it'll take for you to be able to transfer magic into the ball? It seems like it's helping you a lot, so it's good that they decided to switch tactics, and you're handwriting has gotten much better. Traveling is kind of boring since you can't really move around a lot. You probably wouldn't like it. We haven't seen other boats, but there have been some large fish that swim by the boat, and they had scales that changed color when you look at them. They would shift from pink to blue then to green. I thought you would've jumped to try and get it. I've been on a boat a few times, and it takes time to get used to it. If you aren't used to it, it could make you sick. It would be nice to fly, but it would be bad if you were afraid of heights. Well, it's good that they're treating you so kindly, and that's sad that Aer can't have children. A lot of women dream of having their own family, so that must be quite sad. Tough love is where the person is rough to you to help you become a better person in the long run. I'll look forward to your next letter. Goodnight, or I suppose Good Morning since you read my letters when you wake up.



Jaffy! The process to transfer Sound into the water isn't very hard! I was able to do that in a day! Since I was able to do it so quickly, Aer wants me to try and do it twice as fast since she says that people that want to hurt me won't wait for me to cast it. She also thinks that I need more time to be able to summon the ball of water so that it keeps its shape better because she said it was kind of drippy when she held it. But besides that, today wasn't very hard in the magic department. Yunan is helping me with combining words with apostrophes so I understand it better than just Aer telling me where it goes. Soon enough, I'll be able to write on my own without anyone helping me! For spelling, it's getting easier because a lot of words are simple enough if I break down the word before I write it down. Yunan taught me that! Well, that's all I have for tonight. Nini!

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