Ch. 9 Our Little Secret.

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~ Ayla's P.O.V ~

I see Logan across the room, I wave at him, he looks at me and walks over to me.

"Hey Ayla." He smiled.
"What's up?" I smiled.
He hugged me.
"O-oh uhm." I blushed.
"Wow the littlest things turn you on." He laughed.
"UHHH aNYWAYYY" I trembled.
"Let's go dance, Ayla." He grabs my hand, and pulls me to the Super VIP Room.

He tells the guard his name, we go in, and he lets go of my hand.

He walks over to the dance floor, looks at me, he points his finger at me and lures me in.

I walk over to him, he picks me up and twirls me fast.
"Logan!!" I start laughing.
He flips me over, but still holding onto my waist.
"Logan! You could've killed me!" I said.
"I told you I wont let you get hurt." He smiled.

He put me down.

"I'll be back, I'm gonna go to the washroom. Stay here."
"Okay." I nodded.

I watched him walk away, and once he went to the washroom. I decided to hide from him. I ran into this dark room, I hid behind this shelf. I giggled I kept my flashlight on, but I heard foot steps so I turned off my light.

Two minutes later.

I got a text.

L = Logan
A = Ayla

L- Where you at?
A- Hiding, come find me.
L- You're on.

I heard the door knob turning, I turned off my phone, the door opened, I giggled but I covered my mouth.

The person closes the door.

"Hmm, I wonder where Ayla is..." Logan said sarcastically.
"There she is!" He ran up to me.
He scared me.
"AHHHHH" I screamed.
"I mean uh- sup." I nervously smiled.

"Aww, you cutie." He smiled.
I turned a bright pink.
"Why do you blush all the time?" He giggles.
"I-I'm not." I looked away from him.

He cupped my chin, and turned my head to look at me.
I turned a tomato red, I was basically trapped, his arms were blocking my way of trying to run away. It was silent for a few seconds, he looks away, and back at me. He moves my hair out of my face, he goes closer to my face. I start panting,

He smiles and puts his hands on my waist, his hands were really warm.
He bit his bottom lip, put his hand on my right cheek, and kissed me. I couldn't believe we kissed, he was such a great kisser too, It was like I was under his spell.

I pulled away, and looked away.

"Hey, what's wrong?" He looks at me.
"Nothing it's just I don't know about this-"
"Shh.. Just listen to me." He smiled, cupped my chin and turned my head to look at him.
I nodded.

He put his body on mine, holding my waist, he kissed me again. I felt so safe, when I kissed him all my worries went away. Great job Logan Paul, you got what you wanted.

We both pulled away, he smiled, and I just blushed.

"Nice make out session." He winks at me.
"Omg, shut up." I hit his arm.

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