Text 1

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Micah - Stranger

-If I'd asked you to marry me, Micah, would you say yes? 👬💍 

-Of course not. Who the hell R U? R U a fucking guy?

-I'm a guy, yes. Is there a problem, my love?

-Of course, I'm NOT GAY! And don't call me that!

-Of course, you're not. Those cuts on your arms are just for fun, I forgot.

-How do U know about those? Only my brother knows.

-I'm observant, and I see how you notice guys around you, and how homophobic your family is. Well, except your hot older brother. He's bisexual by the way. You didn't hear it from me.

-Who R U?

-Doesn't matter. Just know that I was the one who called your brother anonymously when you tried committing suicide the first time. Don't try that again, you're needed in this world more than you think, you're needed in my world, in your brother's.

Thought about doing a new text story since I've enjoyed them. Let me know what you think so far.

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