IDEAS AND ESSENTIALS || school pt. 2

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you all commented, so i gathered everything you said and put it into one!

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you all commented, so i gathered everything you said and put it into one!

1) Color coordinated folders and notebooks

having everything the same color makes everything so much easier to look at and you can easily know which thing is for which subject. convenience- i think so lol

2) A Planner

Plan your stuff out, you will be so organized and know what you should actually be doing versus what you are really doing. Also, this will totally help you out in being on-time which is so important.

3) Water

Let me be honest, water or any drink is very important. School is very tiring and PE gets you very sweaty- water will help you cool down and so you aren't dehydrated. 

4) Hair bands (Hair Ties)

Hair ties, you know the thing you use to put your hair up into a pony tail, are very essential. I can't stress this enough, but these are not just for your hair because they can also be treated as rubber bands. In addition, you can play with hair bands so who said you needed a fidget spinner lol. 


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hey guys!

I just wanted to share the news that I wanted to call my readers something that had a meaning behind it. After much thought, I decided to call you all CONSTELLATIONS. However, each reader will be a star. Stars are looked upon, they are dreamers and work their hardest. In addition, together we form amazing gorgeous constellations. because when we work together, we are better and stronger.

if you see this, post #ConstellationNation on my message board. :)

Also, this is why i changed my name to --constellations and it conveniently has stel in it.

comment down below if you like the name so i know whether i should change it or not

keep shining,

xx constellations

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