Chapter 35 - Kryptahniuo

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Landing on the roof of the hospital with the duffle bag in hand, Supergirl pulled out her clothes and dressed quickly into something more Kara Danvers appropriate. Then she grabbed her purse and several small, white boxes from the bag. She rolled up the duffle bag, stowing it away into her purse with a little bit of effort. With one final check of her glasses, she headed to the stairs and headed down to the 7th floor.

Outside of Lena's room, she saw Kalia sitting and typing into a phone. The woman looked up as Kara approached.

With a broad smile, Kara extended one of the white boxes and said, "For you?"

Eyes slightly narrowed, Kalia took the box hesitantly and asked, "What is it?"

"Desert!" Kara said with a bright smile.

"Makes sense coming from you," Kalia replied as she opened the box.

Inside were a selection of chocolates. They were balls, each covered with different toppings. Some had cinnamon sugar, some sprinkles, and others nuts on them. There was a strong chocolate odor wafting from the container.

"Okay, these look good. Some kind of truffle?"

Kara nodded. "You keep giving me dessert. I figured it was my turn. How's our patient?"

"Disagreeable, so the usual. She ate dinner without waiting for you. That surprised me. You have a date with someone else?"

"Date? Me? Someone?" Kara's shoulder's hitched up while she squeezed out some air through her lips. "Do I look like someone who dates someone?"

"Not at the moment," Kalia admitted. "Right now you kind of look like an idiot. Thanks for the chocolate. Why don't you go bother Miss Luthor now."

"Yes, I'll go bother Lena now. Good idea. I'll just be in there, you know, being a bother."

As Kara paused awkwardly, Kalia shooed at the blonde with her free hand until Kara entered Lena's room, closing and locking herself in the room.

"Phew. Lena, I think Kalia's getting suspicious," Kara announced, placing her purse on a chair and two of the three boxes she was carrying down on one of Lena's bedside tables.

Sitting up on her bed and typing on her laptop, Lena pulled off her glass and looked at Kara, asking, "Why, what did you do?"

"Me? Nothing, she's just, you know...suspicious by nature. She's not a trusting person. Why wouldn't she trust me? I'm very trustworthy."

Smiling, Lena scooted to the side of the bed and patted the spot next to her. "Of course you are, darling. So, what did you do today?"

"First, I have this for you," Kara said sitting on the side of the bed, her knee bent, so she was turned to face Lena as she handed over the remaining white box she had in her hand.

"What is it?" Lena asked as she took the box.

"Open it and find out."

With a nod, Lena opened the box eyes widening slightly at the chocolates within. She sniffed, studying them for a moment before looking at Kara again. "What are they exactly?"

"You're so suspicious," Kara said with a bright smile. "They're called brigadeiros. Try one."

"Brigadeiros," Lena repeated. She eyed them all again for a moment, carefully selecting one covered in brown sugar from which she took a tentative bite. After just a moment she froze and said, "Oh my. Kara, that's good."

"Right?" Kara's smile grew. Reaching into the box, she grabbed one covered in nuts and popped it into her mouth. "I was starving and saw these, so I thought I'd share."

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