1: Where Am I?

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((As much as I love Catne, she did not make this image, I googled something and I got two images and I edited them together to somewhat make the image I was going for.))

Keith's point of view

The guards throw me in my cell for the weekend. I've lost count of how many weeks I've been here, enough to know the schedule; weekdays, nonstop torture; weekends, left in my cell with one pan of goo.

I think I've seen Shiro unconscious on a bed a few times, on my way to be tortured, but I'm never sure. I can't stop thinking about the fact that I might be imprisoned with Shiro, the person I came here to find.

I'm snapped out of my thoughts when I hear a crash, distant from the base. I quickly limp to my window, there's a big cloud of smoke and dust behind a mountain. I hear a commander scream to the guards to get going, probably to that crash. Whoever it is, I hope they get out of there soon.

Your point of view

I flutter open my eyes. My head is pounding, especially in the back. I... can barely see out of my left eye, it's just deep dark red.... The more I become aware of my surroundings the more I remember what happened. That damn meteor! It flew at me out of thin air, clipped my ship, sent me down here. Exactly, where is here?

I look around and realize I'm suspended upside down. I suppose that's why I'm light headed. I touch my left pants pocket, my knife. It was about to fall out if I hadn't grabbed it. I cut through my seat belt and spin myself so I don't fall on my head.

Huh? What is this? I landed in a huge pool of dark liquid. Is this... blood? I touch that painful spot on my head and hold my hand in front on my face. Yes, that's blood, must have been a really bad crash because I'm so injured I'm in my human form.

I stand up and look around for the nearest reflective surface. I look at myself; my left eye is pouring blood, it's still there, thankfully, but it's just leaking blood... almost like I'm crying blood. I quickly find some bandage and wrap it around my head and eye.

Arg, matey? I look like a pirate

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Arg, matey? I look like a pirate. Oh well.

I grab some one my most useful tools and my best, easy to carry, weapons. Perfect timing too, running, I hear people running. I grab my jacket off the floor and jump out of my ship through the broken front windshield.

(I have no clue what you would call a front window in a space ship so I chose that word)

I run behind a mountain that doesn't seem to go out too far. I hear the clanking of heavy footwear on metal and glass, they must be searching the ship already. Well, that's my signal to get out of here.

I weave around the mountain and click my heels. Off I NYOOM. But really I sonic heelyed my way towards the galra base. They must have some sort of ship or pod I can steal. It only took like 10 seconds to get here because these babies are fast. I click my heels again and sneak around the walls of the base.

Keith's point of view

I watch a human girl slide really fast on her boots from the direction of the crash. She has a bandage wrapped around her eye and head.... it's saturated with blood... I hope she's ok? She clicks her heels and sneaks on the wall like in those spy movies but not as cheesy. She approaches my cell window, not knowing that me or the window itself exists.

I hesitate, worried I might startle her, "Uhm... Excuse me?"


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