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The next morning, Cordelia woke up with the sunshine blurring her vision and she had a migraine. Every move, whether small or big, made her migraine hurt worse and the sunshine wasn't helping any. She made a light groan noise and shielded her eyes with her forearm.

There was slight creaking noise outside the bedroom door and Cordelia groaned. "Um.. morning to you too...?" Pierce's voice called. "Don't. Don't talk or move. I swear on the ground you walk on, I'll kill you." Cordelia snapped and threw the comforter over her head, trying to hide the outside world and comfort her aching head. But nothing.

She felt the bed dip. "Is everything okay?" Pierce whispered to her. "No. I got a migraine. I feel like a rock is bouncing around my head. A gigantic, sharp rock." Cordelia huffed. Pierce blinked at the covered girl. "Never had a migraine. Or even a headache. Must be bad if you say you'll kill me." He laughed. "Need me to take you to the pack doctor?" He asked her. "No." Cordelia groaned. "I need to sleep."

Pierce shrugged and got up from the bed. "Well. If you need anything, I'll be in my office." Pierce told her and exited the room. He had a whole bunch of stuff to do. He'd pushed a lot it off because of Cordelia and the whole "she's his mate" kind of deal. But he couldn't push it all of anymore. Being alpha and all. As he entered his office, he closed the door and sat in his chair.

What only felt like minutes had passed due to being so engulfed in his work, Pierce heard a knock. "Yes?" He mumbled, still not looking up from the papers he had stacked on the desk. The door opened and closed. Looking up, he saw Cordelia wrapped in a blanket shuffle in. "Feeling better?" He mumbled, looking back at the papers. "No." She whined and sat on the couch. "Then get back in bed, then." He sighed.

Cordelia curled up on the couch. "It was too bright in there." She whined again. Pierce groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose. "You can stay in here, but I have stuff to do. Okay? I don't need a distraction." He said, trying not to raise his voice. "But I wanna distract." Cordelia teased, trying to distract herself from the pain that never seemed to go away. "Well go distract your friend or something. I don't know. Go see if she's better. She should be by now." Pierce growled, glancing up to look at Cordelia then back to his paperwork. Cordelia pouted. "But that's no fun. And also it's bright outside. It hurts me. Migraines make you have light sensitivity." She sniffed.

Pierce looked up at the girl again. "Well block your eyes then." He told her. "Then I don't know where I'm going." She replied, lightly taking the blanket off of her head to look up at him. "Cordelia. I have paperwork to do. I half to call another alpha from another pack soon. Having a sick girl in my office will just be a distraction." He growled.

"Whatever happened to trying?" Cordelia mumbled to herself. "What was that?" Pierce snapped. He was getting aggravated. Just because she wasn't feeling good doesn't mean she should be bothering him. Cordelia didn't reply to his question. "Dammit, Cordelia. If you're going to freaking pout and complain about being in pain, please go somewhere else. I'll come check on you in a bit. But I can't have you sitting in here, distracting me, and then pout about nothing." He snapped.

Cordelia hid her head again. "I'm sorry I'm such a burden on your life. Just reject me now so you don't have to love again and go on with your mean, ruthless, evil life like you did before. Keep your fucking walls. I don't care." She started to tear up.

Pierce sighed. He didn't have time for this but he had to do something. "Fine. You can stay in here. Just be quiet. After I make the phone call, I'll... I don't know. Make you a sandwich or something. I don't know. Feel up to eating?" He asked as he grabbed the landline next to him. "I need to try." Cordelia sighed. "I'm nauseated but I could try."

Pierce punched in a phone number and it started to ring. "Okay. Give me a minute then." He sighed as he waited for the other alpha to pick up the phone.

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