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It's Kayleigh here and I am going to be reviewing Dead by xeuphorias.

First of all, I love your theme! Second of all, the photos you chose are absolutely beautiful. However, as for the text, the color and size make it hard to see. So, in order to fix that, I would make the size larger and put a glow or a stroke on the text to make it easier to see. I would give you an eight-and-a-half out of ten

As for your writing, it's really well. I love the plot line and it definitely intrigued me for someone that doesn't ship Lucaya. However, to make it seem like an actual book, when there is a different person speaking, I would do a new paragraph. Also, for the phone calls, I wouldn't bold or italicize them. Instead, I would write them out like an actual conversation.

I hope this helped!

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