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Chapter #1: College and Cute Panties?


There's a time and place for getting hugged and kissed by your guardians, and in front of your new college with all your peers around just wasn't it.

"Auntie please let go, it's not like I'm moving to Africa or something!" I teased, pushing away from my Aunt who had been hugging me for the past 5 minutes.

My luggage was by my side and I just wanted to go up into my new dorm room and explore, putting things up and decorating the place so it could be mine. I was glad to finally be getting away from everything and starting fresh and happily at college.

I was overall way too excited. The past few months had been a blast, prom with Evan was great and I had never been so in love with a boy. He made me smile and the way he looked at me with my pink dress on made my heart throb against my chest; so hard that I thought everyone could feel it. My flesh wasn't so tight on my skin and my heart felt the pains and aches of falling in love, all over again. A feeling that made me want to relive that moment everyday.

My Aunt Sharon's pregnancy was a huge surprise to all of us. Every time she hugged me, her big belly would poke into my flat stomach that would make me all giddy inside all over again. Having someone new in my life was something I looked forward too. She was also becoming more supportive with me, since the last time we had fought. She still wasn't too fond of Evan though, just because she wants to play a big role in my life for my mother who would've appreciated it.

I pushed my brown hair behind my ear, grinning like an idiot at my Aunt and Uncle.  As we made small chit chat, I heard a car pull up behind me. I turned around to see Evan put the car in park with a huge grin on his face. I embarrassingly jumped in my spot, my skirt flailing around my waist as I waved happily to my lovely boyfriend. He got out and ran towards me and as our bodies collided and our arms wrapped in eachother's, I felt the happiness over flow in me again. His breath on my neck made me ticklish and I giggled happily.

"Took you long enough," I giggled into his chest.

He chuckled lightly, pulling away to drop a soft kiss on my lips. "I ran a little late..."

"Clearly," I snorted, turning back around to grab my luggage.

"Remember to call us, yeah Peyton?" my Aunt smiled sadly and my lips drooped down into a lop sided sad face.

"I will, don't worry," I hugged her one last time then hugged my Uncle.

As they reluctantly walked away, I waited for them to leave. With one last wave and blow of a kiss, I turned back around to Evan, way too excited at the fact that we both attended the same college. It had started a huge debate with family but we took the time to acknowledge that it was what was best for us, and we ignored everyone else's thoughts.

Every single day was going to be insane. Our grins didn't wipe away once as we both walked around the court yard. There were so many people around us, hugging their parents or drinking Starbucks, looking already settled in. I wished Roxanne was by my side, but she went to a college a few hours from where I was, to pursue her dream as becoming a professional secretary.

The crappy part about this college was that Evan's dorm room turned out to be in the building across from mine, about a two minute walk. I frowned, grabbing aold of his schedule and directions and roaming the sheet with my eyes.

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