Peacock - Part One

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Lucius has two fears, one haughty blonde boy and one with familiar ebony tresses.

Warning. Lucius is not himself. :) AU genre. 

Inspired by MalfoysCarolinaGirl's Phobia Challenge at HPFF.

Lucius Malfoy was never one to show off for approval but to humiliate others around him. He had, in all sorts of manner, everything. He had the best robes of all other wizards, especially compared to the Weasleys, might he add. He was born into a prestigious family of pureblooded wizards and married into an equally high-quality family. His wife was the most beautiful creature to ever grace the world who birthed the most handsome child. His child then grew to be the best and like the rest of his family was sorted into Slytherin.

Though Draco had a non-traditional seven years at Hogwarts, what with all the Dark Lord business and all, he was still a shining accomplishment to Lucius. He was a great father, he'd like to think. Up until the point of 1995 at least. Even to Juniper, he felt, he was the best father she could've had in replace of her actual blood father. Lucius was most proud to have had a son and a daughter.

Yes, that was true but somehow, he found himself cowering before two children resembling the very two things he claimed to be most proud of.

"Uncle Lucius, could you hold Scorpius for a moment while I go get Bea downstairs?" An auburn haired man handed the much older man a small bundle of baby

Lucius trembled as he held the baby at an arm's length.

The younger man found himself raising a brow, "he's sleeping. He won't bite."

The older man shook his head, protesting the idea of bringing the child close to him. He's never done this before. He remembers carrying Draco once as a child and that was only when the poor child had stumbled off the bed. He also remembers never carrying Juniper. What was he supposed to do with a small thing?

"Hug him," he gently pushed Scorpius from the back towards Lucius.

Again, his uncle jittered at the closing proximity.

"No," he told him.

"Dad, John," a blonde man came in with a baby in his arms, "Bea."

The three men froze, eyeing one another.

"So, Uncle Lucius... about babysitting, you'll still do it, right?"

Again the three men stared at one another.

"Maybe Father isn't the best person—" Draco held tighter to the baby girl in his arms.

"I can very well, as you say, babysit." Lucius drew Scorpius to his chest with a slight thud.

Jonathan stifled a laugh, "careful Uncle. Babies are fragile."

A slight pink blush washed over Lucius' face as he checked on his grandson. This wasn't the first he'd taken care of a baby. He'd held Julianne's son before and he wasn't too much to handle. Regulus was never a troublesome child.

"You don't have to worry about the jumpy kids, Regulus is downstairs playing with Romwell." Jonathan tried to reassure him.

He gulped down a helpful amount of courage and welcomed Draco and Bea into the nursery.

Bea took an immediate liking to him as he lowered his head inside the crib. She grabbed hold of a lock of his blonde locks and tugged. She was tickled with delight and smacked her lips.

"She'll do that for a while," Draco told him with a straight face. "She likes the color."

Jonathan leaned in to whisper to Lucius, "she wouldn't let Draco go for a while. She also did it to Aunt Cis and Juls."

To that, Lucius smiled.

author's note.

Here's part one of xxx for Lucius' AU story with his greatest fears— grandchildren but specifically two babies resembling Draco and Juniper.

tbh... it was tough finding an image of Lucius Malfoy smiling and I'm not up to do some photoshopping. But here's Jason Isaacs. Lol


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