I'd Rather Be In Love With...You. Part 5

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Damn that is so cool! (Ok people I had to make that part up! Sorry!)

"But I do plan on going back to my countries team once I finish here, that guy you beat the crap out of back there, well his name's Joe and well he's twenty. Sex addict,"

"And you're not?" I blurted out. Ok that was a bit rude but come on! From what I saw before...he kinda does seem like it.

"I chose when I wanna do a girl. Plus they can't keep their hands off me....like you! I'm joking don't kick my ass! Anyway....I'm from Portugal...." again I cut him off.

"You for real!?!" he nodded, "SAME! Well, actually....my mum is, we lived there for a year before moving here, we never got the accent though....looks like you didn't either." He smiled before asking me a question.

"How many games you seen,"

"Loads. Wait, so if you're from there....doesn't that mean your name is spelt differently or said differently?"

"Yeah but if you translate it, it's Christian in English without the O at the end, so shortening it, it's Chris." I nodded and after another ten minutes of me and him asking questions we finally noticed the time. "Holly shit! The coach is gonna kill me!" he quickly turned on the engine forgetting to put on his seatbelt and drove off.

I accepted him to just drop me off where we got in....but he didn't! He ran with me to the school building! "Um...your gonna hate me...but where's room 58....for English literature?" I asked taking a step away from him. I know he needed to get to training so I was thinking he would scream at me and tell me to get lost....but again he didn't!

Instead he took straight up to the room and then ran all the way back to the pitch. I'll tell you one thing; it's as hard as hell to catch up with him! I'm still out of breath! I was about to push open the door when someone tapped on my shoulder. It was Nicky.

"You late too?" I nodded and we both took in deep breaths before slowly pushing the door open. The teacher hadn't noticed us as his back was turned and I grabbed onto Nicky's hand pulling her quietly to the back row of seats.

"Ok class! Today we will we looking at....."My thoughts trailed off for the first time as I re-thought about everything. Today has to be the best day ever! And it's only the first day!! Who would have ever thought that college could really change everything? Plus my mind did kinda.....trail off to....Chris....not that I'm into him or anything! But he really, REALLY good looking!

"Earth to Fay!" I snapped out of my terrace and took my head from my palm to see Nicky waving her hand up and down trying to get my attention and looking worried at me. I looked around to see everyone leaving for lunch.

"Has class already ended?!" I asked not with so much shock but more with a tiered voice. She giggled and I mentally slapped myself, well duh class is over you, ass! I need to really stay tuned next time. "Ugh, I'm so hungry I could eat a horse," I said giggling along with Nicky; I really don't want her asking what I was thinking about.

We grabbed our lunch from the cafeteria and sat at the back round table alone. Nicky told me some about her and so did she. She was the same age as me; she was an outcast at school because she always wore glasses that where big and round, I don't get people anymore! Why the hell would you make fun of someone for that!?! I'm sure they had worse things than that! Also her best friend turned into the popular one and started the whole bullying thing, THAT BITCH!

I picked up my cheese sandwich for another bite when my eyes flew from Nicky's to the loud chuckling coming from the front door. The inter team walked in.....without tops on! My mouth just hung open as they came pouring in and as soon as Chris walked in I dropped the sandwich. Nicky turned to look at what I was looking at.

No matter how much I tried, I just couldn't pull my eyes away from his six pack! He...looked REALLY hot when he was sweating! He sat down with the rest of the guys on the middle table and the room instantly got louder, they went on rambling about practise and thanks to Nicky I managed to pull my eyes away from him.

"You like him don't you?" she asked turning back around on her chair to face me.

"No, I just meet him,"

"Really? I swear he's...."

"A footballer?"

"Yeah but...."

"A well known one?"

"Yeah but also HER crush," I looked at where Nicky was pointing and instantly replied.

"Yeah but that's fine, I'm not into him....I think he's hot sure but that's it. Plus...I've never had a crush so even if I did I wouldn't know; ALSO....I'm just not one of those girls's you know?"

"Yep, but trust me if you like a guy you'll know." I nodded. But the truth be that....I don't like him in that way, he's hot and that's it.

We finished eating....well Nicky did, I lost my 'hunger', and picked up our trays making our way to the bin before leaving. As I got up to follow Nicky someone banged into my shoulder causing me to drop my tray. I turned to see the girl that Nicky pointed at before standing there with a disgusted look on her face.

"Watch it!"

"Why don't you?" I asked just as loud back. She can go screw herself! Her eyes widened and the room went dead quiet. Nicky slowly walked back behind me and whispered into my ear.

"Don't get into this," she warned but the truth is if I just let this go then....it'll all happen again. I noticed everyone's eyes on me and knew now was my time to show people I wasn't some push over.

"Excuse me!?!" the girl squealed offended,

"That's what you should have said before you barged around." She threw her handbag to her friend and her friend caught it just in time holding it to her chest. I heard someone whisper 'Candy is so pissed!' so I assume her name is Candy. Candy placed both her hands on her hips and looked at me with threatening eyes....but she didn't dress like a slut, but hey she sure acted like one! She wore tight blue skinny jeans with a REALLY low cut top, her dark brown hair was tied back away from her violet eyes.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" she yelled pushing me back. My hand automatically gripped onto the table behind me so I wouldn't fall back. Ok so much for this being the best day ever! I straightened my back and stepped closer to her. Now I'm angry! I hate the way they think they can just put someone down like that!

I saw her take in a breath, the drop of sweat starting at the top of her head, the way her eye muscle reacted and the way she pressed her lips together in a nerves way.

"Don't you ever touch me again!" I said getting into her face, she took a step back and then everyone 'ohed' making matters worse, and to tell you the truth, I really didn't want to get into a fight on the first day. Why did they have to make noises like that?

"Or what....freak!" ok that's it! I launched myself at her but before I could grab her someone's tight arms wrapped around me holding me back. I saw her eyes widen and her mouth fall open. I swung my arms around trying to catch her like a wild animal, not giving a shit about the person holding me back.

"Wow, you know I think we all need to cool down, have some coffee....sex? Anything! Just let's cool down," I recognised the voice but that still didn't stop me trying to rip her face to shreds!

"Chris! Get your hands off of me or I swear to god you'll never have sex again!" I warned. I felt his grip loosen but then I was pulled around and he was in front of me facing Candy.

"Look Candy, next time just try being aware of what's around you....ok?" he asked her in a charming voice, I could just tell he was smiling as he rubbed his thumb on her cheek. She shuttered and when she finally noticed she wasn't gonna be able to speak she nodded. Chris quickly turned to face me and grabbed my elbow pulling me out of the cafeteria, just as we went past Nicky I grabbed onto her hand and pulled her along with us.


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