Chapter 1-Worst Night

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Charlie POV

It's Saturday night and I'm pleasuring a girl who asked me out. She is a common floozy who I fuck every now and then to relive stress. "Oh baby! Please fuck me hard!" I thrust hard into her but she is too loose. She has been used before. A man like me shouldn't have to fuck women like these. I start to hold up her legs to my shoulders so I can hurry up and not listen to her anymore. "Oh God, I'm gonna cum!" The whore yells in my ears. I roll my eyes in disgust and fake an orgasm. I immediately pull out of her vagina and go to the bathroom to wipe myself.  "Charles, maybe I can stay tonight and we can have breakfast in the morning." The whore says as I get money from the dresser. I've fucked this whore many times and she still calls me Charles. Ugh! I hate that. I simply say, "I can't. I go into work at 5 in the morning." "You work as a butcher in a supermarket. That's too early." She argued. Rolling my eyes, I reply, "You better go. I need to sleep." I toss her $200 and her clothes. "That's all? I wanted another $200 because you went too fast." She snickered. "Look here, you tramp, take the money or get the fuck out of here with nothing!" She quickly put her clothes on, took the money, and left. I immediately jumped in the shower and scrubbed my body. Her disgusting saliva and body fluids washed off of me, falling in the drain. I dried myself, put on a top and sweatpants then heated up some leftover pizza. The apartment I lived in was decent. Space for only me and my small German Shepherd puppy, Newt. He slept in my bed while I watched Game of Thrones.

30 Minutes Later

The episode ended and my eyes were dropping. I took my anxiety medication and began to fall asleep. Hopefully, work tomorrow will be better.

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