Telling Him

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This is only my second lemon and I'm doing it for Raina.

Naruto's Point of View
I stood there lost in thought thinking about the black haired Ninja who stole my heart. Then I heard someone yell my name "NARUTO" Sasuke yelled, "WE NEED TO GO". I sighed and mumbled under my breath "I love you Sasuke... " Then I walked to him. We talked about our mission as we walked to see Tsunade the hokage.

Sasuke's Point of View
I loved the way Naruto looked at me, like a little puppy waiting for it's owner to come home. I loved him, I had for many years but everyone holds this great Uchiha expectation for me. I had to tell him so I secretly asked is Tsunade could send us on a mission together with nobody else. She agreed and I thanked her.
---a short time later---
"NARUTO" I yelled "WE NEED TO GO" I gulped hoping I could tell him. I heard Naruto mumble something but I couldn't hear it. We ran to the secret area where Tsunade planned our mission and when we got there I began shaking slightly. "Hey idiot" I said quietly, "What?" Naruto asked and gave me the look. "I-I" Fuck I can't say it... I'll have to show him. I grabbed him pulling him close to me and I kissed him passionately.

Naruto's Point of View
Sasuke pulled me to him and my heart began racing, the next thing I knew he was kissing me, I felt as though he could hear my heart pounding and I immediately started blushing madly and I began to kiss him back, wrapping my arms around him I pulled away just enough to say "I love you~" Then I licked his lower lip begging for entrance. At first he denied so I pinched his nipple making him yelp allowing for entrance, I slipped my tongue in and quickly explores my love's mouth.

Sasuke's Point of View
A tear ran down my cheek when I heard the words "I love you" Come out of Naruto's mouth, we then began to kiss even deeper. He licked my lip begging for entrance but I denied to see if he would push on but instead I felt him pinch my overly sensitive nipple and I helped he took the change and slipped him tongue in making me blush more than I ever had, he then explored my mouth and I played with his tongue. We slowly pulled away, "N-Naruto... I love you so much" I smiled when seeing the look in his eye and that cute little smile, "I love you even more Sasuke". I laughed and hugged him " That's not even possible".

Well, that's the end of chapter one. Hope you enjoy.

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