Twenty nine.

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"Addison." You have no idea what you are saying. She laughs and shakes her head at me and I stare at her in disgust. I don't want to be mean about this but I need and want her to understand this situation.

"Yes, I do mom. You just aren't understanding me." I laugh and sigh in disbelief.

"I'm hearing you quite clear, Addison." She raises her voice, "I just know you aren't in love with him."

"And how do you know what, mother?" I raise my voice back at her.

"He could be a pedophile for all you know!" She gets up off the bed quickly and rests her body against my dresser.

"I have cam'd with him almost every single night. I think I would know who he is by now."

Do I know?

"Addison, really? You're getting worked up over a guy who lives in California?" She sighs, and throws her arms in the air as more of a dramatic effect, "Why can't you be with someone who lives here? Who you can see?" 

"Because!" I yell, "He's who I love."

"You're being delusional." She speaks and I want to cry. 

The only person Mike has been worried about, is my mom and she doesn't seem to get our situation and this is what I feared.

I knew she wouldn't understand.

"Whenever I first met him mom, and as corny and unrealistic it is, he took my breath away." My lips start to tremble and I can feel my moms eyes on me as I continue to stare at my wall.

"He had way too many tattoo's and a piercing on his upper lip, I never quite understood. He had a mole underneath all of his stubble and had these big brown piercing eyes that you would have never thought of. He caught my attention and I was giving in by commenting on his photo, and when he replied, I felt a feeling I have never felt. The night we first cam'd, will always be one of my favorite memories. He made a heat come into my cheeks and made my jaws hurt by smiling so much. I have never expereinced something like that, and when we continued to talk, I found myself liking him way more than I intended too. I was missing him throughout school and when he wasn't around. I knew I was in deep, mom." I look over to her and she is uncomfortable but I keep going.

"I knew it was something real when I found myself doodling his name one day on my piece of paper, and seeing his eyes in my sleep. I figured it would be one of those relationships where we would like each other then we would get caught up in our lives and then soon forget about each other. It wasn't like that, it was far from that."


"I'm a shit of a drawer." He laughs but takes a pencil into his hands anyways.

"You will do fine, I promise." I give him my best smile and watch his in return.

"Alright. So what am I drawing again?"

"A cow." 

"Why a cow?" He sounds disgusted but laughs a bit at my choice.

"Cows are my favorite animals!" I shriek.

"Tell me the story." He stops and puts his pencil down.

"Well, whenever my parents split up for a while, and I would go visit my dad, I was only 12." He looks at me with curious eyes and I keep going. "Well, I was just starting band and I wasn't really good at it. My dad would tell me to go play to the cows we had out in his pasture." He starts to laugh and I feel stupid but keep going, "We made a connection!" I raise my voice over his laughter but it seems to keep going. "You're such an ass, I bet those cows miss my instrument playing skills." I pout my lip and all his facial expressions change almost instantly.

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