Hermes POV

It was kind of funny seeing that arrogant jerk's face. It was priceless. His face was just a mixture of shock, frustration, and pure anger. I could have sworn that I saw something else but I'm not sure what it was, it was gone before I could tell. Either way it made my day just seeing him so pissed that I had yet again stolen something from him. This time it was a soul.

Oh...I'm getting ahead of myself aren't I? My name is Hermes; Messenger god and god of thieves. Everyone knows that I am a messenger god and a personal messenger between the gods but not many people know that I'm the god of thieves. Only those who know me best know who I really am.

I have met very few people who still believe in me and therefore I have very few friends outside of the gods and demi-gods I already know. However when I make a friend I refuse to let anything happen to them and that is why I had to steal a soul. He was a great person and he really was my friend. All of them are my friends now, they don't just use me to taxi messages back and forth between the two worlds and they don't ask me to steal things. That's what I've wanted for a very long time now.

I saw how miserable she looked. She was completely heartbroken when he died. She wouldn't eat or sleep for days and she never went out anymore. Her brother couldn't leave her alone so he stayed with her day and night. By the fourth day she hadn't stopped crying and I could feel her pain. It was tearing me apart. So I did the one thing I knew she couldn't; I brought him back.

I stole his soul and brought her love back to her. Needless to say she was ecstatic about the whole thing. They all were and I can't deny that I was happy about it too. I mean genuinely happy. The fact that I had snatched it right out of Than's very strong hands was pretty much the icing on the cake.

I forgot...I haven't told you about Than yet. Okay well he's tall, dark, mysterious, delicious and he's also death. Most of you mortals know him as the grim reaper, well that's what you would call death incarnate wouldn't you? Anyways he's quite the catch and I've had my eye on him for some time now, unfortunately he's an arrogant, jerk who only thinks about himself. Now he's an angry, arrogant jerk who's been following me for weeks trying to catch me. Obviously he has yet to catch me still.

Although we're both gods he's older than me. When we take our human forms I would look about 22 and he would be 28. I don't mind that little age difference though; I think it's quite hot. Besides I've always like older men. Don't believe me? Ask Dionysus, he knows.

Currently I'm hiding out with King Sisyphus, watching him roll his boulder up a hill. Poor king, he shouldn't have run away from Than those two times. Why, you ask, would I be hiding in the god of death's domain? Well it's real simple actually; this is literally the last place he would look. I mean would you look for someone you're trying to kill in your own house? Nope, you wouldn't. Besides I kind of have free reign down here since I guide dead souls to Hades all the time. So no one actually thought twice about me wondering around down here.

Huh? I think I hear Cerberus barking which means that their master is finally home from his wild goose chase. Time to make my exit.

"Hermes! Don't you DARE move!"

Well if it isn't Mr. Tall, dark and moody himself...

"What did you just call me?!"

"Oh...did I say that out loud?"

"Listen here you little piece of...."

"Now, now...there's no need for hurtful names between friends now is there?"


"Well I had considered us friends Than."

"It's Thanatos and as your elder I would appreciate if you would show me some respect and address me as such."

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