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Chapter 4

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The locker made a loud bang as Claire slammed it shut with more force than necessary.

Who did they think they were?

Pieces of the threatening letter rained down into the trashcan. Claire wiped her hands on her jeans and stared in satisfaction at the remains. Never before had she been so glad to have a smelly garbage can by her locker.

You won't last much longer.

Claire grabbed her books that sat on the top of the trashcan. She shifted them to her side and trudged down the crowded hall to her third hour English class. The constant chatter and gossip in the hallway started to get to her. The voices were too loud. The passing period was six minutes too long.

Your little innocent act has gone on for too long. You're just a pathetic little she-wolf with disgusting hair and a family you don't deserve.

She tried desperately to block the voices out, but her sensitive hearing made that almost impossible. Usually, she could handle it. She could handle the humans that yelled just to be heard by their friends. But not today. Today, her patience meter was already cracked, the dial way past full.

Watch your back, slut.

She picked up her pace, pushing past people and hoping to be the first in the classroom like always. Because she didn't have many—zero, actually—friends here, she never dilly-dallied like the rest of the students. She was ordinarily the first person in the classroom.

But not this time.

A cute little blonde girl with black-rimmed glasses talked politely to Claire's teacher, Mr. Johnson. Her shoulders were straight, her legs long, and she sported a designer bag that probably cost as much as Claire's family's car.

"Of course, I'll have all the work you've missed so far gathered and brought to you by tomorrow," Mr. Johnson told her.

"Okay. Thank you, Sir."

Mr. Johnson's cheeks reddened slightly, taken aback by such good manners. Yet he blossomed from the respect given. His eyes flickered to Claire standing in the empty doorway. "Ah, hello there, Claire."

She mumbled a greeting.

"Do you think you could help Miss Giles here find her next class?"

Claire held back a grumble and nodded. She led the girl out into the hallway, her hand outstretched. "Can I see your schedule?"

The girl handed her a small slip of yellow paper from her expensive-looking jeans pocket.

Claire immediately began slinking her way through the quickly dwindling crowd and headed towards the science wing. She expected the girl to follow. According to the list, she had Earth Science with—

"I'm Savannah, by the way." She caught up and stuck her hand out.

Claire maneuvered around a couple kissing and hesitantly took Savannah's hand. "Claire."

Claire's wolf stirred inside her. Her eyes widened in realization. "You're—"

"I know." Savannah's smile turned a bit wicked. Her voice lowered. "Nice to finally meet you, Omega."

"Are you new to the pack?"

The girl pushed her glasses up. "Yup. My family recently petitioned to join and move in."

By now, the hallways were empty. Claire could just imagine tumbleweeds rolling their way around. She shifted awkwardly on her feet.

Savannah's expression turned thoughtful. "You don't seem like an Omega, though."

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