Chapter 37

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Angel's POV

*a few months later*

"Gosh, I love this chair!"

I was sitting in the twins' office on a 'beach chair' and let me tell you, when you're heavily pregnant like I am right about now, then that chair is heaven.

They only looked at me amusedly from behind their work desks and chuckled.

I only shifted slightly and they immediately became concerned.

"Are you cold, Angel? Do you need a blanket? A pillow? Would you like me to rub your feet? Does your back hur-"

"Calm down. I only shifted slightly. I don't need anything right now. Soon you will become concerned when I wiggle my toes if you go on like that."

And it was true.

I had heard that male wolves become even more protective over their mates when they're pregnant but I didn't know it would be this extreme.

I know that high ranking wolves are naturally slightly more protective and possessive but now that I'm carrying their pups, their protectiveness is beyond this dimension.

They act the same way when I'm on my period - they don't let me walk at all, they feed me themselves and they don't leave me alone.

I'm sure if I hadn't glared at them the first time they tried, they would come to the bathroom with me just to ensure that me and the pups are safe. It's ridiculous, like what could endanger me in the bathroom? The towels??

The only difference between me being pregnant and me being on my period is that now they BOTH have to be with me at all times. And this is the reason why they made the arrangement of having this wonderful chair in their office so that I can sit here while they work or have meetings in here and they can watch over me. And when we're not in their office, then we're usually in our bedroom, me barely leaving the bed with them cuddling and massaging me.

They don't even leave the room to bring food, no, they order other pack members to bring the food to us. And the pack members wouldn't object even if they could, always assuring me that they don't mind bringing it. And every time I ask, they explain that they need to keep their Luna safe, so that me and my pups would be healthy once they are born.

I have come to a conclusion that the twins have brainwashed them into thinking that even taking one step would seriously injure me. That is also one of the reasons the twins won't leave me alone even for a second - they know that given the chance I would try to stand up and move around on my own. It's literally driving me crazy, not being able to use my legs.

I always tell the twins that they shouldn't carry me when I have all that extra weight with the pups but you wanna know how they answer me?? They say that once I give birth, I will lose all that extra weight and then I will not weigh enough, so that they have to feed me more. That's just ridiculous. I'm not saying I was fat before or weighed too much but I'm sure I weighed enough for my size.

I really need some exercise or I won't remember how to walk once these little boys are out.

The little twins are making it easy for me though. They're not kicking hard and that's something both me and the twins are thankful for.

My birthday was nearing - the 13th of October. Our two little munchkins were predicted to come out around that time. The whole pack was happy about their arriving and there were jokes going around, that it was the twins' birthday gift for me.

Luckily, my dads had calmed down and weren't trying to kill my mates now. They were happy about the grandchildren they were going to get but were still worrying about it being too soon for me to have kids.

I had met the pack too and they were all lovely and welcoming. I wasn't surprised when the evil twins Ashley and Ashleen tried to scare me to back off from the twins. I handled the situation before the twins got to know about it and anyone who saw, were sworn to secrecy.

Xavier and Xander met Illios. They tried to kill him at first - or at least their wolves did - but when he told them that he was actually in love with another girl, they calmed down. He showed us a picture of her and she was absolutely gorgeous - fiery red hair and shiny forest green eyes. She was short like I am but she's a human. Her name is Allison Rain and she's an 18 year old orphan. She and Illios had met in secret several times over the few years. He didn't tell anyone, fearing that they'll reject her and force him to choose someone else.

I convinced him to tell everybody. He finally relented, promising me that he will tell his family as soon as he goes back.

I was happy because everything was going well for everyone.

Me and the twins were thinking baby names for the little guys.

Xavier and Xander wanted to name them Ethan and Eric. I liked the names Nathan and James though.

We'll just decide once they come.


"Yes Xander?" I had to respond quickly if I didn't want them to panic.

"We're done with our work for the day, what do you say if we eat our dinner and then go and have some cuddle time?" He sounded very hopeful and I knew that his eyes were shining with hope just like Xavier's did. They were always hoping to get as much cuddle time with me as they could.

I nodded in agreement and felt one of them picking me up gently, pressing me to their chest.

I opened my eyes to see Xavier's clear, sky blue eyes looking back at me with adoration and love written all over his face.

I snuggled into his chest a little more, resting my hand over his racing heart.

They walked to the kitchen and like every other time, tried to overfeed me. In the end they just gave up, seeing that I won't take any more bites of the amazing pasta they made. They ate their fill and we were on our way to our wonderful bedroom with the comfiest bed in the world.

All three of us snuggled into the covers and let the peaceful blackness take over.

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