"It feel so good out here. " I kicked my feet back and forth in the water

"Yes, I need to get out this water though before I be all wrinkled. " Meagan laughed getting out

She wrapped a towel around her and sat down.

"We should get a uber and go looking around. " I suggested

"Ooh yes but you sure cause your ass only two seconds pregnant and they act like you about to bust already" she joked making me laugh

"Honestly, I haven't even been to my first appointment yet. I mean I understand they happy and all but can I breathe" I shook my head

"They might send security with us"

"Not if they don't know. " I smirked "Nobody will know who I am I don't think."

"You remember the blogs posted your picture "

"True but I want to get out" I shrugged

"Well let's go get dressed. I'll get the uber when I get upstairs to my phone."

We both got up going into the house and separated to go to our rooms.

"Aye Ley Ley !" Meagan shouted

"Yes ?"

"What you wearing ?" she asked

"Uh I don't know yet. " I answered bending down to my suit case I have yet to unpack I've been procrastinating since I got here

It'll be done soon though. Looking through my clothes I decided on just wearing something simple. Pulling out a crop top and some shorts. Might as well wear it while I can in a couple months I know I'm not. I went into the bathroom to take a quick shower and change.

By the time I was done Meagan was walking out her room into mines

"Ok the uber should be here in a few"she sat down

I nodded " Ponytail or down"


Just like she said a few minutes later the uber arrived

"So where should we going first" I asked

"We going to get me a rental I don't like this uber mess I like going on my own. Then we can go grab some to eat and look around or look around first what ever you want to do." She said

"Alright that's fine have you already called in for the car"

"Yes I did it while waiting on you. It was a 2016 Toyota Camry available. I could use it for a little. I just gotta go fill out some papers."

"Damn I know I wasn't in there that long. "

"You was sis and you know it." she shook her head

"I thought it was pretty quick. " I laughed looking out the window " Cali is pretty"

"Yes, I wouldn't mind staying here."

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