Ch. 5 Beach.

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~ Logan's P.O.V ~

I went back to my room, I got changed into my bathing suit, my GoPro, and walked back to Ayla's room.

I waited in the hall for her,

"Hurry up, you're so slow." I yelled at her.
"Can you shut up?" She yelled at me back.
She came out of the room.
She was wearing a black and white bikini.

"Let's go." She smiled.
"Okay." I started walking with her.

At the beach.

"Finally! Did you bring you're GoPro?" Ayla asked.
"Yep, did you?" I smiled.
"Yep, but I might not use it I'm not sure yet." She looks at the water.
"It's beach time!" I picked her up.
"No! Logan wait!!" She screamed.
I started recording the GoPro.
"Logan!!" She laughed.

I jumped off a rock, it was higher than I thought.
I started laughing and Ayla was screaming.
We splashed into the water.
Ayla smacked my arm.

"What the hell?"
"What? It was fun." I laughed.
"You're annoying." She rolled her eyes.
"Aww you're safe when you're with me, I was holding onto you." I moved closer to her.
"I guess." She looked at me.
"I wont let you get hurt." I looked deep in her eyes.
She looked away, and I did as well.

30 minutes later.

~ Ayla's P.O.V ~

I was staring in the distance and all of a sudden, I get splashed. I look beside me and Logan was splashing me.

"I look away for a second and you gotta splash me?" I look at him.
"You always have to look at me Princess." He smiled.

He went under water and I felt hands on my ankles, I look down and Logan comes up. I'm sitting on his shoulders.

"Logan! Put me down!" I yelled.
"Trust me this will be fun." He giggles.
"I am never gonna trust you." I cross my arms.

I felt like I was gonna fall when I took my hands off his head. I screamed, and held back onto his head.

"Lean back." He smiled.
"No!" I yelled.
"I will tickle you." He said.
"LEANING BACK NOW." I leaned back and I was looking upside down, he started running.

"OH MY GODD" I screamed.
He laughed at me.
"You will be fine Ayla."
"NOPE." I tried to lean back up.
Logan stopped running.
"Get back up."
"Thank you." I said.

He went under water still holding me.
"Logan!" I freaked out.
"Ayla chill, you're fine." He put his arm around me.
"Want to go again?" He smiled.
"No, never again." I backed up.
He laughed.

Later, at sunset.

"Look a big wave is coming!" He stood up.
"Oh my god!!!" Logan grabbed my arm and stood me up, he held my waist.
I blushed.
"You're welcome, you could have flew away if you were still sitting." He laughed and turned me to face him.
"Y-yeah." I nervously smiled.

I looked down.
"Do you want to leave now?" He asked.
"Sure." I looked up at him.
He started walking, he realized I wasn't walking, he grabbed my hand and pulled me to him.

"Heh, sorry. I'm just tired." I looked at him.
"It's okay, are you hungry?" He smiled.
"Yeah." I looked down, and I realized he was holding my hand.
"Okay, we can go get ice cream or something?" He looked at me.
"O-okay." I looked at him.

"Let's go get changed first." He looked down at the sand.
"Alright." I blushed, I can't believe he hasn't noticed we are holding hands.

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