Part 2

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They left the house and they were off. They had a very short walk from the school. When they got there she just needed a second to breathe before actually going in and meeting new people. This was very hard for her, to leave America because of her parents.
"Hey No, I'll meet you in there. Okay?"

She walked to the side to side of the school and just sat on the curb. She saw someone in the corner of her eye walking towards her. He was very lanky and skinny. He looked about, 6'2 at least. He looked like he had blue hair? She thought this school had a policy against unnatural hair colours. He looked like he went to her school because of his uniform. He sat down beside her and pulled out a box of cigarettes.

"Need a smoke?"
"Oh no I'm fine. I don't smoke."
"Oh... " he pulled out his lighter and a cancer stick from the box. "Well this is usually where I go when I need one. I just assumed, I'm sorray. I don't fink ive ever met yew beforah?"

"Oh yeah. I'm Kristina. I'm new."
"Yew sound like yew're from America!"
"Yeah I'm from Louisiana."
"Like the Alligator state?" The bluennette started chuckling.

"Yep. Well I've got to get inside. See ya."
The boy just looked at her walk away. His eyes went straight to her ass.

(Blue boys POV)

Damn. She's really pretty. She's got a really great body. She looks like she's in my grade. Hopefully we'll have some classes together.

(Normal POV)

Kristina and Noah meet up in the gym waiting on the bell to sound. They talk to each other before a younger girl comes up to them.
"Hey guys! My names Alesia! Are you guys new? Where did you guys come from?"
This obnoxious girl gave them 1000 questions at once.

"Well we're from America and yes we're new. My names Noah and that's Kristina."
"Well that's wonderful! Welcome to St. Bernard's!" And just like that she tuned around and walked away.

"Well that was strange." Kristina said in a low pitch voice.
"She was cute!" Noah said.
"All of the people here sound like Mrs.Poppins though" he complained.
"Well I think it's really cute. I always loved the British accent. I wish I had one instead of this damn Coon Ass one."
The bell sounded and they hugged each other and went to their classroom.

Kristina walked to her 1st period which was English. It seemed they get to pick where they sit so she sat in the very back so she wasn't noticed. She knew someone had to sit right next to her though, because they were in pairs. The bell sounded and no one sat beside her, until a blue haired tall boy walked in.
"Mr. Pot you are late. Take a seat."

He looked around and noticed there was only 2 seats left, one beside her and one beside a boy that was singling him to sit next to him. His eyes lit up when he saw Kristina in the back by herself. He scooted through the chairs and sat his binder down on the desk beside her.

" 'ey." He simply said while plopping down next to her. She was really nervous because she knew no one at this school and she thought this boy was.... attractive? She just now noticed how cute he was. His blue eyes, his blue hair, his tall body. Was Just utterly handsome.

She was actually sort of happy that she's met at least one friend. Noah has probably met dozens of angsty pre-teens who wanna fuck already.

"Uh, hey." Is all she could stutter out.
"Nervous, are ya? Well, yew are gonna be fine. I fink you'll make friends easy."
She just stayed quiet. They didn't really talk again until the bell rung.

"Well class, remember to get this syllabus signed!"
"Hey, *Mr.pot*"
"What's your real name?"
"Mine? Well, it's Stuart. But yew can call me whatcha like. Some of me friends call me stu or stu-pot. Even make fun of me by calling me stu-pid."

"Well okay, see ya later, stu-pid!" She chuckled as she made her way to her locker.

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