Chapter 9: Ready To Ride

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After I picked up Brantley from school and fought my way through the traffic of students and small cars, I made it back onto our dirt road. Brantley said he had a great first day and all of his classes were good. He also said he found some new friends, that also did rodeo like us.

We finally made it home. Lee and I hoped out the truck and saw Momma and Daddy's truck were out front.

"Lee, go on and throw your backpack inside and meet me out at the stables. We gotta be ready to ride by 3:30." I said excitedly. Today was gonna be our first after school practice, and daddy said he had a new routine planned out for us, and it was not supposed to be easy.

Brantley snorted and shook his head laughing at me, "Well someone's jittery."

"I can't help it! I'm so ready you have no idea." I grinned as I pulled my hair out of the bun and braided it down my back.

"Me too I guess." Lee laughed, he was already turning away and walking up the steps into the house.

I flipped my braid back and walked over to the gator, kicking up the dirt. I made my way over to the tack barn and parked the gator out front.

Bursting  inside of the tack room taking in the smell of old, worn leather, I grabbed my favorite saddle off one of our many racks. God I could smell the scent of leather all day, it was genuinely considered scared to me.

I set the saddle down and walked along the wall with the rest of our other ones. Old, new, tooled, embroidered, you name it, we had all kinds of saddles. On the other side of the room, across from them, we had our blankets, lead ropes, bridles and the rest of our equipment.

I pulled a soft blue saddle pad and my custom halter bridle and reigns, that had little wing decals along the sides. I won them at one of my very first state competitions and they've been my favorite ever since.

I grabbed the rest of my supplies and hauled it all over to the barn where Gunsmoke was.

The minute I laid my first boot down in the opening of the barn, Gunsmoke popped his head out his stall and whinnied at me for attention.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," I cooed over to him while setting my gear down along the wall of the backside of the barn. The back of the barn had hooks where we could set up our horses to tack and such.

Pulling a brush from my back pocket, that I grabbed from the tack room, I lead Gunsmoke over to one of hooks and set him up there. I brushed him out and sent black hairs flying everywhere. I rolled my eyes, I will never understand how my horse out of everyone else's got so dirty, so quickly.

I then placed the saddle pad on, cinched my saddle up and put his halter on. I felt the sun rays shining through the barn warming my back up as I finished up tacking Gunsmoke.

Gunsmoke flicked his tail occasionally, happy that he was getting attention from me finally. I could tell he was giddy to go riding and I knew that we would have a great practice.

I stood in front of him and leaned my forehead against his, "You ready to ride my lil firecracker."

We both opened our eyes and looked at each other, Gunsmoke warming me up with every breathe of he took through his fuzzy nose. I swear I could see sparks in my horses eyes, the same kind that everyone said they saw in mine, he was always ready to ride.


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