Chapter 6 - Memories (Morning!)

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***** I woke up to the sunlight that found its way past the curtains and onto me. I turned to see Daniel next to me, still happily asleep.

"Morning," I murmured, and suddenly realized where we were. "Hey!"

"Wat..." Daniel murmured, "It's so cozy..."

"Wake up, and why are you in my bed?" I exclaimed as I prodded his face with my finger.

"Urgh..." Daniel whined.

"Let's get ready," I sighed. "And please, sleep in your bed. It's there for a reason..."

A few minutes later, the two of us appeared out of the room with all our gear, just to see an empty hallway.

"Where is everyone?" I muttered as I checked my watch, 7:38.

"Wanna go get breakfast?" I asked Daniel.

"Should we bring our gear with us?" he asked as we walked towards the elevator.

"Why not," I replied with a shrug as we entered the elevator. "I'm going to have room service call all of their rooms to wake them up.

"Western or Eastern?" I asked Daniel as we exited the lift.

"Western," he replied as we drifted towards a restaurant.

"Two people," I told the waiter and showed him our passes.

"Private room?" the waiter asked.

"Nah, we'll be fine," Daniel replied.

"Follow me please," the waiter stated as we entered the restaurant.

"Hey, isn't that Phoenicia?" Daniel squeaked, pointing at a girl, who was sitting a few tables away.

"What? Why is she here?" I exclaimed. Phoenicia, a short and cute girl, is a specialized defensive spell-caster who holds a rank in the 200s. Decent enough to receive some extra treatment, but not enough to gain you a week at a five-star hotel.

"That's Yuuna right next to her, right?" I added. Yuuna, a friend of Phoenicia, is a specialized offensive spell-caster whose rank is also in the 200s. She is Phoenicia's Squad Partner, and they make a very efficient pair on the battlefield from some of the reports I've seen.

"Phoenicia!" Daniel exclaimed.

"Daniel!" Phoenicia squeaked as she turned around to greet us and receiving a tight hug from Daniel. I forgot to mention, but Phoenicia is Daniel's girlfriend, who have been dating each other for a few months. I've gotta say, Daniel and Phoenicia are one hell of a pair; too bad her rank isn't high enough to be included in the Alpha Squad.

"Hey, I think we'll just sit with them," I told the waiter.

"Of course," the waiter replied.

"Morning, good to see you," Yuuna said as she sipped on her coffee.

"Same here," I grunted as I sat down next to her. "By the way, why are you guys here?"

"We spent some money to upgrade our original room to one in this hotel," Yuuna replied. "The rooms that were offered to us weren't all that bad, but the compounds that we lived in were pretty old, so Phoenicia and I decided to get upgraded to here."

"I see..." I mumbled.

­­ "I'll give these two cute couples some time to decide on what to eat," the waiter said with a smile as he left us with the menus.

"We're not a couple," I muttered.

"Those two, however..." Yuuna grumbled, staring at Daniel and Phoenicia, who were already happily chatting away.

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