CHP. 01 : The Taoist Priest And The Little Fox

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Su Tang crouched in the bushes, hands holding two grasses, a pair of big eyes, jet black, small white porcelain face glowing, his head moved, nervously staring at the man bathing in the stream.   

The man embraced the water, wetting his hair, the stream flows down the neck, and remained for a moment at the clavicle, then flowed down towards the direction of his strong muscles, his lines are sharp and sexy, the sound of water splashed, Su Tang is incredibly tense. 

He washed for a while, then suddenly turned around, System excited: "turned around - turned around, get ready soon, I will call 321, you start running! "

( Note: "He" refers to the man bathing in the stream and when the system says "turned around!" It refers to the bathing man turning around.)

"Oh oh oh!" Su Tang, responded to the sound, quickly threw away the grass, took a deep breath, and turned into a furry little white fox. 

He is a fox spirit in this time, however in the past he was not, in the past he was a human, unfortunately he remembers nothing of it, because the system dispelled it clean.

However the system captured him to complete tasks, failure to complete will lead to him not going home, Su Tang yī kū èr nào sān shàng diào, at last he still squats on the grass, stalking. 

( Note : yī kū èr nào sān shàng diào roughly translates to -- one: cry, two: make trouble and three: hang as in hang yourself from the ceiling or a beam aka create a ruckus)

( Note: When Su Tang "stalks", he's most definitely stalking the man bathing in the river.)

This is his first world, the male protagonist is a small priest, but is actually a half demon born from a demon king and human, since little he was marginalized, at last he went down the mountain to gain experience, ultimately meeting the kind and gentle fox spirit woman Su Qing.   

They fell in love at first sight, after experiencing many trials they finally got together, then the male protagonist's half-Demon Soul awakened, becoming the demon king of the new generation, with the female protagonist Su Qing guarding the demon world together.

The ending for both was perfect, but Su Tang's outcome was not good. 

He is a super slag small BOSS, as well as the female protagonist's dear younger brother, but Su Tang not only do not aid the male and female protagonist , but also provoke the two people's feelings every day, conspired behind the male protagonist's back, and in passing killed the male protagonist's parents oldest demon, hand in hand, after breaking up the male and female protagonist, he made himself the demon king.

Ultimately Su Tang did not succeed, the male protagonist picked apart his tendons, and locked him in his family's demon tower. 

Su Tang was scared half to death after hearing this story, fortunately the system said it has a remedial method, only then did he fight back the tears so it doesn't fall down. 

The remedial method is to accomplish good deeds, first ship the female and male protagonists, let them successfully get together, then help the male protagonist get rid of the ultimate BOSS, and become the demon king, only after he and the female protagonist ascends the life peak, is Su Tang's task completed.

Su Tang has just arrived for a few days, and the story has barely begun, the female protagonist was forced to marry by her family, unable to stand it, she wanted to run away. Su Tang immediately followed, saying it was to help shield, in fact, it was just to take the opportunity to complete the task. They are now hiding in the west of Fenglin mountain, the male protagonist is walking east of the Fenglin mountain. In order for the female and male protagonist to be able to successfully meet, Su Tang decided to make an effort.

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